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Thursday, May 26, 2011

When The Power Goes Out

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Where I work there are two ATM machines, just so happen both were down and out of service for unknown reasons and they were going to be down till Monday, mind you it was Saturday. So many people rely on these money machines, as I watched and observed truck loads of sheeple trying to extract funds from these machines I could not help but think how prudent to have had money, cash stashed away on the side in the home for things of this nature. But, who am I kidding (lol) no one really thinks this way nor does it. As far as I know I'm the only one here that does it. I may be wrong, there may be others but I'm positive they are few far and wide. I don't even have a debit card and my bank card, I have no idea what the pin number is because I don't use it. If I need money I always have cash on hand 24-7. Hubby restricts me from using my credit card with good reason and I am more than thankful for his strict direction in usage of a menace that literally ruins peoples credit beyond repair. And no, mines is not ruined beyond repair.

Now, in the event there is a power outage, statewide or globally everyone will be SOL for not preparing ahead of time for unexpected events that have happened time and time again before but only on a smaller scale. You'd think all the previous ATM shutdowns would wise a few sheeples up but as history always repeats itself things of this nature is predictable in response of sheeple habit. I have no idea why people would not have at least an extra stash of cash on hand just in case. Because when you think about it, if there was ever a major disaster and the grid went down for an unspecified amount of time, businesses will not be taking credit cards, debit cards and checks how could they without electricity? The only people that will be able to make purchases will be those that have cash and cash only. Now, if we're talking a longer period of time without power the bartering system will be kicking in very shortly if not immediately.

When the dollar crashes completely more than likely everyone's financial situations will come crashing down as well. Get yourself situated in gold and silver and keep all those pennies and not just any penny I'm talking about the wheat penny, the one that says "one cent" with wheat on each side. Currently these are worth 3 cents a piece so save all you can on these. In these particular pennies the amount of copper is in the 90% plus range, so that means it's worth far more than the rest of the average pennies that you see and have in your pocket. Aside from having different types of funds don't forget to have food storage because having a sound food storage plan will help you and your family get through some of the greatest challenges that we are all about to face in the very near and dear future. And when the power goes out you're going to want to be prepared and ready at all costs don't be caught off guard and ill prepared, do the preparations now while there is still enough ample time and don't forget to always have cash on hand at all times always.

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  1. On a recent trip to Walmart their debit, credit, and EBT links were down and all the checkout lines were quite long. Fortunately they had a lane open for the "Cash" customers and we breezed right through with a cart full of stuff. There were very few people with cash. Some of my friends only use their debit cards, I press the point of having cash "on hand" with them whenever we get together.