Salt is one of the most common and basic staples and one which every prepper should have in their pantry. While today salt is easily and cheaply purchased, it is also a valuable resource. When used in excess, salt can be harmful. However, it is also vital for maintaining health, as well as providing a range of additional benefits and uses.

Why Salt Storage Is Essential

Salt is one of the most important and vital items every prepper should have. In the first instance, salt helps treat a variety of ailments and is a necessary dietary ingredient for maintain good health, as well as providing health benefits and support in the treatment of dental problems. It can also be used in making soap, as well as be used as a cleaning product around the homestead.

However, one of the main benefits of salt is that it helps to preserve food, as well as adding some welcome flavor to otherwise dull foods. In addition to having a range of uses, salt is also cheap to buy and long-lasting, making it an essential item for preppers.