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Monday, July 31, 2023

Doing Much With Very Little

Dislocations Of The Shoulder Joint

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A joint is a structure in the body that “joins” two bony parts together. Of all our joints, the shoulder has the greatest amount of mobility and range of motion. Such flexibility comes at the cost of low joint stability.

One common injury is a dislocation. In a dislocation, a bone is pulled out of its joint by some type of trauma. About 50% of all major joint dislocations seen in U.S. emergency rooms involve the shoulder joint, but knees, ankles, and hips may also be affected.

Sunday, July 30, 2023

The Poor Man's Feast

Stopping Impetigo in TEOTWAWKI

Disclaimer. I am not a licensed health practitioner. This is just another post on knowledge and understanding you might wish to acquire in advance of a disaster in case no higher care is available. As long as our society is functioning, you should leave anything more substantial than applying a Band-Aid to the professionals. No medication, including those available over the counter, should be taken without consulting a physician. Information shared here is for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not medical advice nor a substitute for licensed medical care.

I've never experienced or even seen a case of impetigo, but I do remember seeing it on the papers all elementary school kids took home to their parents. Impetigo was something that would get you sent home from school post haste because it was so contagious. Since I don't have children in public school, I'm not sure what they do now. Maybe a participation trophy?

Anyway, impetigo is a minor bacterial infection of the skin typified by quickly spreading sores with shiny yellow crusts. It most frequently occurs in children, especially on their faces and particularly around the mouth, but it also occurs on the extremities and sometimes the trunk. Scabby lesions and shiny, yellow, crusty sores that don't heal are often impetigo.[1] Impetigo may begin with an insect bite or a scratch. It spreads easily to other people or other parts of the body from the sores or contaminated fingers.

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Dehydrating and Freeze Drying Eggs for Long Term Storage

5 Things You Should Never Do As A Prepper

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There are many steps that we can take which will advance our preparedness. However, there are also many things that we can do which are counterproductive to the point where we are putting our lives at risk.

It is just as important to be mindful of what not to do as it is to actively do the things that will advance us in our journey to self-reliance. I have broken down here five things that I have noticed some preppers do that you should never do.

Friday, July 28, 2023

10 Essential Dehydrated Foods You Need in Your Pantry!

Cheap Places to Get Quality Preps

By the author of The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living and the online course Build a Better Pantry on a Budget

If you’re like most folks, getting a good deal on your preps is of the utmost importance right now. With the economy collapsing around our ears, many of us are working to make ends meet and don’t have a lot left over for prepping.

So where can you get preps without spending a fortune? Keep in mind that shopping for preps specifically or in kits is probably the most expensive way to buy. But if you can assemble your prepping kits and essential tools from individual purchases, you can probably spend far less.

This list contains some ideas that may work for you. Some of them are ideas taken straight from the comments section, so shout-out to our awesome readers! Do your due diligence with any of these sources and make sure not to buy something there that might be less expensive elsewhere. Just because it says it’s a sale doesn’t mean it’s a bargain.

Thursday, July 27, 2023


Fecal Impaction Off The Grid

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A couple of my recent articles have discussed bowel irregularities, namely constipation, as a result of exclusively eating long shelf-life foods meant for off-grid scenarios. Failure to take precautions against constipation can lead to a decreased quality of life and, as well, work efficiency for group members in uncertain times. The end result of neglecting slow intestinal motility may be a condition known as fecal impaction.

Fecal impaction is defined as a hard mass of feces in the rectum which a person is unable to expel. It’s usually the result of severe constipation. An inability to pass bowel movements causes feces to back up into the colon, where water is absorbed from the bowels. The stool becomes very clay-like and accumulates.


Wednesday, July 26, 2023


How To Waterproof Your Ammo

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Years ago I read Stephen King’s epic Dark Tower series. Right at the start of the second book the antihero, Roland the gunslinger, is sleeping on a beach when a rogue wave hits him, splashing his ammunition belts.

For the rest of the novel, a major plot element is how few rounds he has left that didn’t get splashed, and the unreliability of the ones that did. Of course, if you’re familiar with Stephen King’s work you’ll have realized that he doesn’t actually know very much about guns.

Giving ammunition a quick dip, even in seawater, won’t do it any harm as long as it doesn’t stay wet for a long time. I’ve used ammo that had spent three or four days in a rain-soaked pouch; it still worked fine.

When it comes to long-term storage of ammunition, though, moisture does become a problem. Over time, dampness can make its way into the primer pocket and through the neck of the case.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Unavoidable Global Disasters: 2018-2030

CERT Helps You Be Part Of The Solution When Disasters Occur

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It seems that in the last two decades or so, natural and man-made disasters have become a more visible reality of everyday life. A major disaster can happen at any time, and it’s our own responsibility to become prepared.

After Hurricane Katrina, we were shocked to realize that we are vulnerable and that we must take responsibility for our own safety as well as the safety of our families and neighbors. Emergency preparedness must become a way of life in order to deal with disasters, and it no longer works hiding behind “that won’t happen to me” attitude.

Do you know how to protect your family in the event of a natural disaster, such as a wildfire, a flood, or an earthquake?

How about an active shooter scenario or a terrorist attack?

Monday, July 24, 2023

Surviving the First 100 Days of Collapse

33 Essential Spices I Recommend Stocking Up On

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By Linda Loosli

Adding our favorite spices to any meal will make all the difference in the taste of our frequently made recipes.

I had a reader email me and ask how to stock spices for long-term storage. She asked if she should put them in Mylar bags, etc. One thing I want to mention, I don’t stock my spices for 10 years or more. They are not fresh to me and in most cases have lost the flavor I need when cooking or baking. It’s a personal preference.

I may have told you, that I taught cooking and baking classes in a fancy kitchen store. I learned a lot when I worked there. If you want the spices to have the flavor you expect and want, please leave them in the small glass jars they come in or transfer them to airtight glass containers. That way they’ll maintain their flavor much longer.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Have We Entered The End Game?

Remedies for Insomnia

Disclaimer. I am not a licensed health practitioner. This is just another post on knowledge and understanding you might wish to acquire in advance of a disaster in case no higher care is available. As long as our society is functioning, you should leave anything more substantial than applying a Band-Aid to the professionals. No medication, including those available over the counter, should be taken without consulting a physician. Information shared here is for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not medical advice nor a substitute for licensed medical care.

I like to do things as naturally as possible. Living a balanced life, eating good food, and exercising go a long way towards preventing disease. Unfortunately, sometimes that isn't enough, and we all have issues we struggle with. Mine, for at least the last forty years, has been insomnia.

Health care practitioners have advocated developing good "sleep hygiene" habits for dealing with insomnia, which should include the following:

Saturday, July 22, 2023

EDC "Boo-Boo" Kit

11 Dangerous Prepping Mistakes

Original Article

By Linda Loosli

Although it seems simple at first, to be properly prepared for you and your family, there are a lot of things that go into it, and thus the chance for some significant mistakes. Let’s review some things that you should consider as you put together or review your prepping plan.

Friday, July 21, 2023

Reasons to carry a Get Home Bag

15 Handyman Kits the Self-Sufficient Prepper Needs

 Original Article

By the author of Street Survivalism: A Practical Training Guide To Life In The City and The Ultimate Survival Gear Handbook.

Thanks to advancements in technology, materials, and manufacturing, the last few decades have witnessed profound changes in both lifestyle and consumption habits. Every homes used to have a handyman. Now, they largely don’t.

Until the late 1980s and early 90s, the majority of household items and appliances were built from metal, wood, and rubber. They were also designed to be more easily serviceable. Polymers had been around for over a century, and plastic was gaining favor amongst consumers. But the single-use plastics we’re all familiar with today were yet to enter the market.

Therefore, food and beverages were served in ceramic pottery, sold in glass pots, tin cans, jars, and bottles, and carried everywhere in wood crates. Toys were made from tin or wood. Meat, bread, veggies, and other fresh stuff came wrapped and taken home in paper sheets and bags. 

Thursday, July 20, 2023

8 Prepper Medical Questions for Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy

How to Save Tomato Seeds

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Saving Tomato Seeds

Confession: Until very recently, I’ve never really had any interest in saving seeds from my garden. 

A homesteading lifestyle is about being self-sufficient and having independence, so you would think that saving seeds would be a common activity by all of us. The truth is, however, that until recent years when seeds were scarce (aka the 2020 Seed Shortage), it hasn’t really been taken very seriously by many gardeners and homesteaders. Including myself.

I know that I have been guilty of moving seed saving down my priority list over the years. I have always been more than happy to support small seed companies, like my go-to True-Leaf Market. They have a great supply of heirloom seeds and different gardening needs.

However, there are so many different reasons to consider saving seeds from your garden. And I absolutely love how homesteaders and home gardeners are now becoming more aware of how seed supplies can be impacted in our vulnerable modern systems and why seed saving is important. If you are interested in saving seeds, then a great beginner-friendly option is to save tomato seeds. 


Some Reasons Why You Should Save Your Tomato Seeds:

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

7 First Aid Skills You Need to Know to Survive

Home Canning Water-Level Measuring Sticks

Original Article

by St. Funogas

My first two articles in the series were:

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

10 Books To Get While You Can

Bugging In: The #1 Ultimate Preppers Guide On How to Bug In

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By Linda Loosli

Bugging In: The #1 Ultimate Preppers Guide On How to Bug In

What is Bugging In?

Monday, July 17, 2023

Things Preppers Should NEVER DO

Tips To Save Energy Use On The Homestead

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Using less energy is the most reliable way to save money and cut costs on the farm. Try these energy-saving strategies to reduce your reliance on energy and improve your homestead’s resilience.

Several years ago, as fuel prices rose and I read that up to half of the average U.S. farm’s expenses could be attributed to energy, I decided to see how our farm compared.

Our energy consumption was only 8% of our total expenses, and that included two delivery trucks that we ran four days a week.

We calculated at the time that diesel fuel could cost up to $10 per gallon, and we’d still be fine. Although we still use a lot of fuel, we’re relieved to know that if everything goes wrong, we’ll be the last man standing.

While this percentage difference does not necessarily mean profitability, it does indicate a degree of resiliency. There are numerous advantages to reducing energy consumption and dependency.

But how do we go about it?

Here are some tips for saving energy use.

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Stockpile These Now: Jase Medical

How to Dry Camp

 Original Article

By Philip Werner

How to Dry Camp

Most backpackers like to camp close to water sources out of convenience, but there are real benefits to dry camping in places that are not close to them. If you’re willing to haul the water you’ll need for the night and the next morning, you can camp out at a more scenic location while enjoying the extra privacy and in many cases, the extra security that comes from camping apart from other people.

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Critical Medical Gear When the Grid Goes Down: Prepper Medical Training ...



Like so many things in hunting (and life for that matter), the process of creating a killer food plot has been made far too complicated and much more expensive than it needs to be. The truth is that there is nothing complex about creating a terrific plot that will draw deer.

You don’t need any expensive equipment. You don’t need any special skills. You need a degree in agronomy. All you need is three ingredients: soil, seeds, and water.

When to Plant

Friday, July 14, 2023

It Has Started: Get Your Affairs In Order…

Do You Have the Skills You Need to Survive a Depression?

 Original Article

Let’s face it. We may say we’re preparing for winter blizzards or freak hurricanes, but down deep, if you’re a prepper, what you’re really preparing for is a collapse of America’s economy.  It may happen within a few days, or it may be a continual downward slide over many years. Its causes may include numerous Katrina-size natural disasters, a toppling federal government, chaos on Main Street, and the odd meteor or two.

Regardless of the causes, we want our families to be as secure as possible for the long haul.

So, the question that naturally arises is: How do you prepare for a Greatest Depression?  Is it even possible to prepare for something that may last a decade or much, much longer?  Is it better to be a homeowner, even if someday you’re unable to make your mortgage payments, or is it better to have mobility and rent?  Should you leave your life savings and retirement funds where they are or take the tax and penalty hit and invest in land, or gold, or a year’s worth of food?

While there are no definitive answers to these questions, you can take stock of your level of preparedness, see where the gaps are, and work to fill them.

image: hands sewing a button on shirt

Thursday, July 13, 2023

How to Build 1 Year of Food Storage - Ultimate Guide

Survival Hacks From The Civil War That Are More Useful Than Ever

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 The American Civil War (1861-1865) was a very challenging time for all Americans, civilian and military. As the war progressed, and particularly after the blockades, the movement of food and goods between north and south became seriously affected.

Both armies and civilians had a hard time getting enough food to eat or getting basic goods. The problem was very acute for the people and army in the south who suffered more than their northern counterparts.

Food became in very short supply, very expensive and eventually not available at all. People had to find other means to feed themselves, turning to raising livestock, planting gardens and foraging for food. At this time people found many substitutes for food items that they could not get.

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

BREAKING NEWS: W.H.O Warns Countries to STOCKPILE Nuclear Meds

What Exactly Is A Fire Steel?

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A fire steel is the quintessential bushcrafters tool for starting fires in the wilderness. If you’re looking to get into backcountry camping or just want one more way to start a fire then look no further.

using the whole length of uberleben zunden ferro rod in fatwood shavings

A fire steel is a traditional two-piece fire starting tool consisting of a metal rod and a striker. Unlike other starters, a fire steel doesn’t require fuel, is completely weatherproof, and can be used at any altitude.

There are quite a few reasons why a fire steel is a go-to piece of kit for any outdoors enthusiast and even more products to sift through. Keep reading to find out what to look for in a quality fire steel.

Survival- Fire Steel for Beginners- Tips & Tricks

What To Look For In A Fire Steel

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Vehicle Based Trauma Kit: What a Trauma Surgeon Carries

What Are You Preparing For?

“Do I have enough food?”

“Would you rate my food storage?”

“How long will this last?”

Of course, no one can answer those questions. That answer varies by each individual family. Only you can answer those questions for yourself. Here’s how to find your answers.

Monday, July 10, 2023

Advanced First Aid Kit: 12 Essential Items

Is your first aid kit outdated? – Here’s what you need to know!

 Original Article


If you assembled a trauma medical kit or individual first aid kit five to seven years ago, your equipment might need to be updated. Whether you started with a simple first aid kit or you made your own by handpicking the items inside, you should go over the contents now because even medical supplies have a shelf life.

This article will discuss which contents to prioritize and why each item should be replaced.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

How to Barter after the Economy Collapses

How To Locate A Person In Wilderness?

 Original Article

Locating A Person In The Wilderness

Methods For Locating A Person In The Wilderness


There are a few different ways and methods that you can go about locating a person in the wilderness. The most common method is probably using a search and rescue team, but there are other ways you can do it as well. Let’s take a look at a few of the different methods you can use to find someone in the wilderness.