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Saturday, September 15, 2012

DIY Survival Gear - Building a Survival Kit - Part One - The Container

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Survival Kit Container_Closed View
Building a quality survival kit can be a definite challenge for even the most experienced survivalist. This will be a step by step tutorial of how to build a survival kit. You will always want to include as much gear as possible to increase your chances for survival but you will also want to keep the size and weight to a minimum. This will give you a wider range of carry options and still allow you to carry more than enough gear to help you survive.

Survival Kit Container_Open View

This is not going to be the cheapest survival kit ever built but it will be a good one. All the items used in this survival kit will be available at your local big box store at a very reasonable price.
So let’s get started.
The first item you will need is your survival kit container. It should hold all your gear items safely and in a manner that will protect your gear from the elements. It should also allow you a variety of carry options.
The largest container that would fit in the front pocket of my jeans was chosen for this project. It is a Plano Waterproof Stowaway Tackle Box Model # 3440 and its dimensions are 7.38 in. x 4.5 in. x 1.75in. (LxWxH). This container is waterproof, weighs in at approximately 5 ounces, has a secure latching mechanism, allows a clear view of the contents and costs less than $5.00 at your local big box store. This container will hold our survival gear.
At the end of this tutorial, the completed survival kit will be given away in a random drawing to one of my readers. To be eligible to win this survival kit, you will only need to leave a comment on each survival kit post.
The next installment will be:

Got DIY Survival Kit?
Staying above the water line!