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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Paranoia or Prepping - Maintaining a Proper Balance

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Everyone prepares to a certain degree but there are those that sometimes let their prepping activities go to extremes. Try as you might, it is almost impossible to prepare for every possible scenario. If you maintain a proper balance in your prepping activities, you will have a better state of preparedness than you might think. Sometimes the simplest things are overlooked because we don’t see them as obstacles until it is too late
You’ve got a bug-out bag, a bug-out vehicle and a bug-out location but do you have the skills to put your bug-out plan into action. Can you change a flat tire? It’s a simple process but it is also one which many people have never done. Can you change a drive belt on the motor if it breaks? These are simple skills that are easy to practice and develop but which can leave you stranded and vulnerable at the worst possible time if you lack these simple skills. Simple skills can go a long way in helping you be better prepared.
A box of survival seeds won’t do you much good if you lack the gardening skills to make them grow. A stockpile of canned goods and freeze-dried foods won’t last forever and you will need gardening skills to properly balance your food storage program. You will also need to stock your food items accordingly. Excess food storage can increase your chances of having items that expire or go bad before you can use them. Simple gardening skills can help you be better prepared.
Don’t forget to have a plan to maintain the safety and security of your family. Don’t sacrifice your family’s safety or security because simple items were left unattended. Realize that maintaining security should also be a part of your preparedness plans.
Include plenty of family activities that can help to strengthen the trust and loyalty among your group or family members. Make sure to include both younger and older members of your group in your activities. While their knowledge and skills may vary, they can only help to strengthen your efforts. Remember that everyone is capable of making a contribution to your preparedness efforts.
There are numerous aspects to proper prepping and maintaining a proper balance will be critical. You may be unknowingly increasing your costs and utilizing resources you may need elsewhere if you don’t maintain a proper balance in your preps. Know how many in your family or group you are preparing for and adjust your preparedness plans accordingly. Know which skills you are lacking and make an effort to learn them and continue to practice those skills you already have. Balance your prepping efforts with the actual needs of your family or group.
Got balance?

Staying above the water line!

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