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Monday, April 23, 2018

8 Skills You Can Learn on Weekends

This post is by Bernie Carr,
Being prepared and becoming self-sufficient is not all about buying emergency supplies. Learning survival and self-sufficiency skills is a big aspect of the preparedness mindset.  Learning a few practical skills will also help you save money by doing things yourself.

Here are 8 skills you can learn on weekends:

Plant a garden

Even if you only have a small balcony, you can grow a few herbs.  Sign up for free tickets for the Grow Your Own Food Workshop.  You’ll get a Grow Your Own Food Quick Start Guide and Planning Calculator just for signing up.

Learn to use a gun safely

Check out your local gun range for gun safety courses.  I am seeing some spring classes in our neighborhood that don’t cost much to join.

Self-defense training

Employers and local businesses often offer a free class or two teaching defensive moves an average person can do in case of attack.

Learn to bake from scratch

It is fun to make artisan bread – it’s not hard, just follow these simple instructions. 

Basic sewing

I previously took clothes to the tailor for sewing needs, now I can sew buttons, shorten or lengthen hems, repair a tear, etc.

Change a tire

Knowing how to change a tire by yourself is a skill that can come in handy in your daily commute.

Read a map

GPS may not always be available – learn how to read paper maps.  The Auto Club is a good source for paper maps; you can also order them inexpensively for areas that interest you.

Start a fire without matches

There are various of ways to start a fire without matches – just pick a method and practice!

Learning a few skills has shown me how much we take for granted and rely on others to do basic activities.   This list is by no means complete-these are just a few ideas to get started.  Find something that captures your attention.  Another benefit is you might find that it’s fun!
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