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Friday, March 4, 2022

Eighteen Ways to Use the Juice and Syrup from Canned Fruits

So very often we find ourselves throwing away perfectly good food for no reason other than we simply don’t recognize it as food.  When every calorie or filling empty tummies counts, we won’t have the luxury of wasting food.  And so we need to learn how to use foods that we’d normally toss.  Today we’ll look at 18 ways to use the juice and syrup from canned fruits.

1.  Drink it straight.  It’s really a no-brainer, isn’t it?  Just drink it.

2.  Add to juice.  If you already have some juice (or kool-aid) in the refrigerator, stir in the liquid from the canned fruit.  Make sure the flavors are compatible before doing so.

3.  Smoothies.  Most smoothies have a little sweetener in them.  Add the liquid instead of water or milk.

4.  Bread recipes.  Use the juice or syrup in making yeast and quick breads.  You may need to slightly reduce the amount of sugar you add.

5.  Jell-O.  Add the reserved fruit juice or syrup to regular Jell-O or make your own using unflavored gelatin.  Keep in mind that pineapple juice may adversely affect whether the Jell-O sets properly.

6.  Salad dressings.  Add a little vinegar and a dash of salt and pepper and drizzle over salad greens.  Apple cider vinegar works better with pears and mixed fruits.  White vinegar pairs better with other fruits.  Or use equal parts vinegar, oil, and fruit juice.

7.  Syrup.  In a small pan over medium heat, combine the liquid with a little cornstarch.  Cook and stir until it thickens, then cool and pour it over ice cream, pound cake, pancakes, or fresh fruit salad.

8.  Overnight oats.  Use the liquid to make your favorite overnight oatmeal.

9.  Popsicles.  Freeze the liquid in popsicle molds for your children.

10.  DIY Flavored water.  Just add a tablespoon or two to flavor your water.

11.  Sweeten tea.  Use the syrup or juice to sweeten tea.

12.  Flavor soda.  Add orange or pineapple juice to soda to give it a fruity twist.

13.  Flavor seltzer water or club soda.  Add any flavor to soda water.

14.  Ice cubes.  Freeze the syrup or juice in ice cube trays for flavoring water or soda later.

15.  Rice.  Cook rice with the juice for a tropical flair.  This works better with actual juice than with syrup.

16.  Marinade meats.  Use the juice to marinade chicken, pork, beef, or fish.  If using pineapple juice, reduce the amount of vinegar to prevent the meat from becoming too tough. 

17.  Glaze ham.  Pineapple and apricot juice or syrup have the best flavor combinations. 

18.  Use it to can next year’s fruit.  Strain the syrup to remove floaties, bring it to a boil, and use it to can the same fruit next year.[1]

With all these ideas, there’s no reason to ever throw your canned fruit juices and syrups away.  Sugar is something that will be in short supply in a collapsed economy.  Let’s not waste it.

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