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Saturday, August 27, 2011

4 Tips for Raising Your Kids as Preppers

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4 Tips for Raising Your Kids as Preppers

While you may have understood the importance of learning survival skills and living self-reliantly, your children, especially those who live in a modern world with all its conveniences, may not quite grasp it. Why it is that you spend so much time developing the ability to live without the technologies and products that they are used to? Why make things harder on yourself, your children may be wondering. If you are scratching your head about how you can instill a self-reliant mindset in your kids, here are a few tips:

1. Develop in them a love for the outdoors early.
One thing I've learned is that once you get that "outdoor bug" at a young age, it never leaves you. Every summer, my family and I would spend time on the family farm, and we'd often leave the house and go camping in the woods. At first, I absolutely hated the camping part, especially since I was somewhat whiney about everything—bugs, heat, hunger, etc. However, once I got over the initial hardships, I absolutely loved communing with the great outdoors. As such, in order to instill that love for the outdoors, its best to ignore their initial complaints; they will love it soon enough.

2. Consider having them join groups like Boy/Girl Scouts or summer camps.
Although going camping is very important for developing that taste for the outdoors, having your kids join outdoor-focused groups and activities is also important for developing those basic survival skills that far too many children have no idea about anymore. Boys and Girls Scouts of America is usually a good place to start.

3. Without frightening them, explain why it is important to always be prepared.
Of course, for many kids, they need an explanation when you need to motivate them to do anything. As a parent, I always try to be as honest with my kids as possible, after considering age appropriateness. Depending if you're children are old enough to understand and not be too frightened, make it clear to them that we live in an uncertain world for various reasons, and that taking all possible precautions to live without anyone's help is a good creed to live by. Also note that learning to live independently with only the emotional support of friends and family is something that develops pride and responsibility, two qualities that are good for their own sake.

4. Limit access to some of the technologies that so many children especially are addicted to.
Almost every technology out there, from computers to smart phones and more, are designed for the express purpose of having users completed hooked. Being addicted to such devices dulls the senses and gives a false sense of security. Children, whose psychological faculties are still developing, are especially prone to this sort of addiction. As such, in order to continue in the vein of the Prepper, self-reliant lifestyle, it is important that you limit access to these technologies so that they don't depend on anything except their own intuition and creativity.

These are just a few basic thoughts on instilling in your children the idea and practice of self-reliance. Be forewarned, however—it will be an uphill battle considering that so few young people understand the importance of living truly independently. At the same time, raising your children to become responsible, caring, and self-reliant adults is one of the most rewarding things you'll ever experience, especially once you witness the results.

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  1. This is a very good blog. Our kid are 9 and 12 and we have talked about preparedness since they were babies so it is just part of life to always be prepared.