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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Survival Super Foods - Corn Starch

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Many food items have unique properties that allow them to be considered “survival super foods”. Their unique qualities are what make them important as food in a survival situation. Cornstarch is quite simply a basic food item that is a survival super food.

Cornstarch is composed of starch which has been isolated from corn. Stored properly in an air-tight and moisture-proof environment it will easily last for up to two years in storage. Its main drawbacks are that it will “clump” if exposed to excess humidity and will absorb odors from other food items stored nearby. It has the appearance of a very finely ground white powder and is a much coarser consistency than regular cornmeal which has a more granular type of texture and appearance.

Cornstarch has many of the qualities that make it a survival food. One of the qualities of a survival food is how much cooking and prep time is required. Cornstarch can quite literally be eaten straight out of the box without even cooking. This is important if the means to cook or prepare your food is limited.  Another important quality is that it can be combined with other basic ingredients to make a soup or gravy to enhance your meals when other food stocks may be low or non-existent.

Corn starch is also amazingly easy to digest without any adverse effects on your health and is a very good source of energy for your body. Cornstarch is also effective in treating digestive disorders in persons who are experiencing trouble and aren’t able to consume sufficient calories to maintain their health at a proper level.  It is also gluten-free. This is an important consideration for those persons who have low tolerance levels for certain types of foods containing wheat or similar products.

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  1. I'm going to look into cornstarch. I have never used it in my life lol :) I think maybe it's time. Thanks for the post.