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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Avoiding a Survival Crisis - The Importance of Routine Maintenance

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Many times a crisis is one that we have unwittingly created ourselves and our actions will often determine whether or not we will survive that crisis. It’s the little things we often ignore or fail to give proper attention that will quite literally turn a small disaster into an even bigger one.
One thing that is easily forgotten is routine maintenance. There is a reason why they call it routine. It quite literally means what it says...routine. The routine maintenance of your vehicles, equipment and other items should be included as a part of your daily routine. It will make surviving a crisis a lot easier.
Items have a tendency to wear out, break or simply go bad and then they will fail to work properly when they may be needed most (i.e., Murphy’s Law). The solution is to avoid that happening at the worst possible time. Things will last longer and work a lot better if you give them the proper care and provide it with adequate maintenance on a regular basis.
There is going to be a cost factor that is associated with regular maintenance but it will usually be far less than the cost of the needed repairs that may be incurred otherwise. Many times simple maintenance will allow you to recognize a problem before major and very costly repairs may be required. Failing to do the proper maintenance on your equipment is a disaster waiting to happen.

The most important benefit of routine maintenance is the ability to avoid costly repairs and a breakdown at the worst possible time. Things will still break and wear out but it shouldn’t happen as frequently. As a result, you might just make it easier to survive with a little routine maintenance.
Got routine maintenance?

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