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Sunday, January 8, 2012

What Would You Say To These Questions?

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What is better to store Food or Gold and silver?

What is better to have Guns and ammo or Pepper spray?

Is it better to Bug out or Stay in place in a city or town?

Will you share your preps with unprepared people?

Do you tell people about your preps? And if you do tell them, do these people know where you live?

What would you do if the people you told about your preps show up to take or steal your stuff will you have the heart or girth to stop them from taking your stuff? Would you be able to shoot or kill friends?

Could you turn away a mother with a baby and no food or water?

If you would help the mother with the baby, what would you do if more and more show up to your home? When would you say, "no I can't help"?

Who do you prep for?

Who are you trying to save or keep alive after the collapse?

Some of the questions have been asked of me from co-workers and friends and some of the questions I just came up with. Post a comment and tell me what you think and how would you answer the questions.

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