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Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Library Resources

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The LDS Folks Have Great Information

A gentleman named Christopher M. Parrett at put together the LDS Preparedness Manual and has made it available for free or "at cost" distribution on his site.  I thank him for his efforts and generosity.

For your convenience, I've added the LDS Preparedness Manual to my page of Library Resources.  You can download it here.

This manual is over 200 pages of valuable information.  The first section is LDS-specific information relating preparedness to their beliefs and teachings.  The rest is solid prepper info.  Some of the highlights include checklists, info about long term storage and regular grocery store food, emergency gear and equipment, and terrorism.  It's a great way to introduce friends and loved ones to the idea of prepping without scaring them or making them think you are a Walter Mitty type.  "Read this handbook, Uncle Joe.  You know, those Mormons teach that their members ought to keep emergency food and supplies on hand.  That's probably pretty good advice for everyone."

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  1. See what you think of my version based on Brother Parrett's manual: