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Monday, February 20, 2012

Organization, A Survival Skill

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I recently used a survivor skill to the maximum.

As many of you know, Ken and I have recently moved several weeks ago. My skill that rose to the surface was ‘organization‘. I have always been an organized person in pretty much every aspect of my life. When it came to packing up the home of two preppers, organization was the key.

For those of you that have never done this, put on your imagination caps. Not willing to part with most of our survival supplies, they mostly all had to get packed, except for that which we donated to others (our 27 foot cargo trailer could only fit so much). Now, imagine if you will, having to pack all of your supplies along with everything else in your home. Imagine packing all of your food. Your freeze dried foods, canned foods, 50 lb. bags of grain, buckets of food, etc. all need to fit in your moving trailer. Your survival cooking supplies and fuels, materials and camping supplies all need to fit in the trailer. And don’t forget your gardening supplies, and your tools. Your medical supplies…I could go on and on.

This is why being organized helped in a big way. Our supplies were very well organized, by type, by product and by expiration dates if there were any. Now the question came to mind: how to pack them all in the moving trailer. Answer: plastic bins and heavy duty cardboard boxes.

I have got to tell you all that we love those heavy duty plastic storage bins you can buy at the stores. They can be a little costly, but if you purchase them on sale, you do okay. We prefer the see-through clear plastic bins because you can see what the majority of the bin contents are by a quick look. They come in all different sizes so they can accommodate almost everything you have to pack. And they are nicely stack-able.

These bins helped to keep our supplies organized and they also helped prevent any of our supplies from being damaged during travel. There are nice heavy duty double-thick cardboard boxes that you can purchase at Home Depot. I assigned each box a ‘letter combination’. The ‘letters’ and corresponding box contents were written down in a separate notebook that became our moving ‘bible’.

Now we are here at our temporary home that we are leasing for 6 months. Soon we will have purchased our own survival retreat and we’ll be moving again. But until that happens, our supplies are in their plastic bins ready and accessible should we need them, yet they are still ‘packed’ waiting for the next move!

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