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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spokes for Survival - The Bug Out Bike

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Unless you are in really good physical condition, bugging out on foot with a heavy pack may not be the best option for some people. If bad things happen and travel by motorized vehicle is not your best option, a bug out bike may be the alternative means of transportation that will get you moving fast without having to worry about buying fuel.
Cycling is a lot less physically demanding than walking and you can cover a greater distance in a shorter period of time on a bike. There are also numerous other advantages of using a bike as a bug-out alternative.
Bug Out Bike Advantages
1. Bikes are readily available in different types and styles that are ideal for all family members.
2. Bikes are reliable and most are easily repaired with a minimum of tools or effort.
3. Bikes normally require less maintenance than a motor vehicle.
4. Bikes have a large number of accessories available such as gear bags, headlights and water bottle holders.
5. Good quality bikes and gear items are available in price ranges that will fit almost any budget.
6. Bikes make traveling at night easier if you need to go in “stealth” mode.
7. Bikes aren’t affected by traffic jams and many styles can easily handle “off-road” terrain as well.
8. Bikes don’t normally require license plates, registration or insurance.
9. Bikes can be easily customized to suit your personal needs.
10. Bikes can be used in normal circumstances for recreational purposes and to increase your fitness levels.
Bikes can be a great alternative means of transportation for you and your gear in an emergency. You can even carry bikes in the back of your truck or on your vehicle with a simple bike rack. They can then be used should your vehicle become disabled. You can even attach a small trailer to your bike if you need to carry an even larger amount of gear.
Bikes can provide a simple, low cost, and effective means of transportation during a crisis.
Got pedal power?
Staying above the water line!

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