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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Prepping Skills - Being Prepared by Being Organized

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The first stages of almost any type of crisis will be very chaotic. Chaos also breeds confusion and disorder. This is when an already bad situation will get worse. There will be numerous things that will need to be done quickly and efficiently if you are going to minimize the effects of a crisis. Time will become your enemy. Being organized will help you utilize your time more effectively.
There is a simple saying that can guide you in becoming more organized. It’s been around a long time and many people fail to realize the value of the rather simple guidelines it sets forth.
 “A place for everything and everything in its place.”
The last thing you will need to be doing in a crisis is conducting a search and recovery mission in your own home and most probably in the dark. It’s a lot simpler to designate space for needed items in advance and keep them there when not in use. You can develop the habit of going to that location to retrieve them and in a crisis your actions will become almost automatic. This will save valuable time in a crisis.
Even organized chaos is preferable to the disorder and confusion that can occur if you aren’t properly organized. It can also be applied to all areas of your prepping efforts. A properly organized BOB will be more efficient in most cases, cover a wider range of needs and perhaps be somewhat lighter in many cases. A properly organized system of food storage and rotation will help to eliminate needless waste, will save you money and be vastly more efficient. An organized plan for getting all family members together in a crisis will help to minimize the confusion. The time to get organized is before a crisis happens or be prepared for the confusion and disorder that will occur.
How do your organization skills “stack up”?
Staying above the water line!

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