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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DIY Waterproof Matches

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I love our readers, always asking interesting questions.  Lately, a reader asked about making DIY waterproof matches.  I know I have a few boxes packed in my camping gear, I also know I have a lighter and a fire steel.  A gal likes to have her options.
I had never thought about DIYing the matches though, and it’s a GREAT idea.
Start with some Strike Anywhere Matches.
Set up a work space. You need someplace out of wind, well ventilated, with a way to dry the matches.  I saw one set up that used some double sided tape to hold the matches while they dry. I saw another set up that used corrugated cardboard set on edge, with a match in each hole.
Dip the matches, head first into some shellac. Only cover about half the match.  Let the matches dry, heads down, on the sticky tape.
Voila! When dry you have waterproof matches.  The shellac is much nicer than the wax coating some people recommend. That wax coating can melt, it can crumble, it’s generally just a mess. Shellac avoids a lot of that. Clear nail polish works similarly to the shellac, if you happen to have that on hand.
Don’t forget to make some NO FAIL TINDER while you’re DIYing your fire kit.
Grab some dryer lint, add some flammable liquid to it, either some wax or paraffin. Let it dry into little ball and then pack them SAFELY into your emergency kit.
No need to spend crazy money on this, but do get it done, fire is too important to ignore.  Exposure will kill you every time, especially up here in cold country. :-D
- Calamity Jane

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