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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Top 10 Preparedness Items You Own Right Now (and don’t even know it)

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Top 10 Preparedness Items You Own Right Now (and don’t even know it)
 By Wyzyrd, Editor-At-Large

1) Your home-repair tool kit(s). Yes, you CAN get by with a multi tool and a rock, but real tools work a lot better for their intended uses. Get a couple gooseneck crowbars, if you don’t have them already. 

2) Your kitchen tools. You CAN peel potatoes with a machete, and cook ‘em in a canteen cup, but why not think up a way to bring along your favorites? (I have a knife/tool roll that I bring to cooking jobs, but a quick yank can pull 2 magnetic strips out of a sheetrock wall to pack them, too…..)

3) Your water heater. About 20 gal. of clean water you can get to, even if utilities are out.

4) Manual pencil sharpeners (the cast aluminum ones from an art or craft work better than the slightly-cheaper plastic ones). Quickly put points on sticks/darts, make your own fire tinder rapidly.

5) Picnic/Party coolers. There’s almost always a need to keep cold things cool, and hot things warm, without external power.

6) Zip-top storage bags–at least a zillion uses.

7) Ground cayenne pepper (or hotter chiles). Season food (obviously), repel deer and various other pests, use as a blood-coagulant on wounds (not fun, but does work), steep in warm veg oil for a day or so and fill a dollar store spray bottle when the commercial pepper spray runs out.

8) Rope, cord, string, twine. Need I say more?

9) Depending on your location, mostly–Your kids’ old BB guns/slingshots/bows and arrows. Cheap and quiet small game-getters, and there’s an old saying “It hurts a lot more to be hit by a BB, than missed by a .44 Magnum”.

10) Electrical extension cords. If there is power available, you’ll need ‘em. If not, more cordage.

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