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Friday, July 23, 2021

9 Reasons For Hunting with a Bow & Arrow

Survival bows are easy to transport, have a wide variety of use, are cheap, and an excellent choice for hunting deer, coyote, mule, and elk.

While out in a survival situation or for hunting, most people’s everyday tool is a gun. But guns are very loud, and the sound will scare the prey away easily.

Getting a gun is complex, and maintaining them is no easy task. That is why many people opt to use traditional bow and arrows instead. Bows and arrows have many benefits that a conventional marksman rifle does not have.

Now, let us look at some of these benefits and the benefit of using bows and arrows.

1. They Are Very Cheap

Guns in most parts of the country are costly, whereas bows and arrows are cheap. Not only that, you will need a hefty amount of money to repair and maintain the gun too. But the bow’s maintenance cost is much cheaper, and unlike firearms, they can last a lifetime.

The bow is not the only cheap piece of equipment; the arrows are much more affordable than bullets for any gun. According to, a high-quality longbow can cost only about $200

So, if you like hunting but do not have the money to buy a gun, then a bow and some arrows can be a perfect choice.

2. Easy to Transport

Carrying and moving bows are simple. Bows are very light, so there will be no stress on your arms or shoulders as you take them around. The arrows are very light too. So easily movable from one place to another.

Some advanced bows are detachable. So you can take them apart for even better portability.

3. Excellent Choice As A Hunting Tool

Bows and arrows have been used as hunting tools since the dawn of time. Our ancestors used bows and arrows to hunt down prey with swift precision. If bows and arrows were useful in medieval times, they would be helpful in the present time.

They are silent and lethal. If you hone your skills with a bow, soon, you will become an excellent hunter.

4. Very Little Health Risks

Inexperienced gun users might face health hazards while using a gun. There have been reports of people suffering from dislocated shoulders because they could not maintain the weapon’s recoil. Many people also accidentally touch the hot barrel of the gun after firing and burning their hands.

Another issue is with super curious children; they might tinker with the gun when left alone, resulting in a significant disaster. On the other hand, bows and arrows do not have that risk, and even if minor children are handling the bow, they do not have the chance of hurting themselves.

5. Limitless Supply Of Ammunition

While using a gun, if you fire a shot, you can not reuse the bullet. Once a shot is fired, it is fired for good.

But with bows, there is no such thing as an ammo limit. If you upgrade your skills with a bow, you will find a limitless source of arrows. How? By reusing an arrow after firing.

Sure, they do not last forever, but they are reusable while bullets are not. You might even find that you can use arrows for 5, 10, or even more years if you take proper care of them.

6. Flexible Weapon Laws

If you wish to buy a gun, then you need to follow many regulations. You need to have a license, a weapon clearance, and many other documents. Not to mention you also need some money to buy one.

But there are no such rules and regulations with bows. You can go to your local hunting shop, buy a bow and some arrows, and walk out. Buying bows online is also very simple, and those will be shipped to your address.

7. Bows Can Be Versatile

Bows are an extremely versatile weapon. So far, we have talked about how good a bow is while hunting. But hunting is not the only activity it is good at.

This tool can also be used as a weapon for self-defense. In a skilled bow user’s hands, this weapon can become just as lethal as a gun.

That is why every army used bows in the Middle Ages. They were versatile and sometimes were the backbone of an army.

8. Has Much More Convenience Than Guns

If you have been using a gun for hunting, you might have found your weapon getting jammed. A rifle gets jammed when dirt or mud gets inside, so even if you pull the trigger, shots could not be fired. As a result, you might miss the perfect opportunity to score a hunt.

But with bows, there is no such thing as weapon jamming. You take an arrow, aim, and fire. Simple as that.

9. You Can Make One Yourself

Making a bow and arrows is not that difficult. To make a simple longbow, you need to take the help of a woodwork specialist. You can even do it yourself, but if you do not have experience with woodwork, we suggest you do not try to make one.

Get the body ready by a specialist, and attach a string on both ends of the body. Then get some long sturdy sticks and sharpen one end. With this, you will have your makeshift bow and arrows.

Final Thoughts

Bow and arrows are traditional weapons used since humans were still primitive. With the advancement of technology, there are varieties of newer and advanced bows in the market. If you are someone who frequently goes out in the wild to hunt, then get yourself a bow and arrows.

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