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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Ramen Noodles as a Food Prep

The Ramen Noodle question is one of those prepper age-old questions… Do I put it in my preps or not?  Everyone has an opinion on the food they store… So bear with mine…
After years of prepping, I just started adding Ramen Noodles to my preps, just like I’ve started adding Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.  Firstly, because Suburban has a three-year-old that cannot live without Kraft Mac & Cheese. Secondly, once upon a time when I was at my financial low point in life, I would buy Ramen Noodles, chicken bullion cubes, frozen vegetables such as mixed peas, corn, carrots, beans, etc, and eggs. and this would be part of lunch. I would discard the sodium/chicken packet that came with it and throw in a bouillon cube or two when cooking… Less sodium and more of chicken soup flavor. I’d also crack an egg in the finished hot pot of water, noodles, and vegetables to ensure there was a little protein, and stir so the egg whites & yolk cooked in the water as I stirred. So, with that, I had carbs, protein, vegetables, flavor, and water in one meal.
It didn’t taste like the best meal I had ever had, but it filled the hole, filled me up, and gave me what I needed to keep going throughout my day…
Today I dehydrate those vegetables and store them in sealed mylar with o2 absorbers, and drop the mylar bag into a 5-gallon plastic bucket. I know some of the nutritional value is shot through dehydration, but it would be very easy to throw vegetables into the boiling water with the ramen, with some chicken, beef, port, an egg, etc. to get a better-balanced meal.
The other side to this is that if you’re on the go, camping, hiking, bugging out on foot, or in your BOL, it’s a lightweight, fast cooking way to fill your belly, just like carrying some bannock mix in a plastic sandwich bag.
Where to get Ramen Noodles?  Just about any grocery store, Dollar Store, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Costco, BJ’s, etc.  They’re historically not expensive.  However, I will tell you they disappeared like toilet paper when the first shutdown and pandemic was announced.  You couldn’t find them anywhere.  I see them back in stock at our Costco and local grocery chain and just started picking up a bulk pack or two for preps.
They will have to be transferred to five-gallon mylar storage bags and then into storage bins to keep the humidity from getting to them.  I am pretty sure I can get a couple of large packages per bin, add bullion cubes to the container, and a handful of dehydrated packages of vegetables, and maybe a #10 can of powdered eggs, to complete the meal package.   Label it, and put it on the shelf…
Let me know what you think about Ramen in your preps.

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