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Monday, April 17, 2023

Hoarding These Items Might Get You Arrested

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 It is risky not to be on the alert at all times. You don’t want to take chances on your security, protection, and welfare. An effective way to protect yourself is by stockpiling survival items.

Stockpiling these items will get you safe in any unforeseen dangerous events and circumstances. The fire extinguisher can be the only item you would need to prevent your house from getting ablaze in a fire incidence. You can use your survival knife as a self-defense weapon.

Also, if the circumstance demands erecting a shelter (usually temporary), you can use your knife to trim limbs. In cases of blackouts, your headlamp would provide you with illumination. I can go on and on in pointing out the importance of stockpiling survival items.

But hey, that is not just all to it! You can be arrested for hoarding some items.

Brass Knuckles

Hoarding These Items Might Get You ArrestedThis is a quite dangerous metallic object you can put on your fingers in a combat. It is helpful in self-defense.

Although there is no federal law expressly prohibiting possession of brass knuckles, some states treat this item as a concealed weapon and you are not allowed to possess it.

These states include New York, Colorado, New Jersey, Vermont, etc. Also, some districts like the District of Columbia forbid you from possessing this item. If at all you want to have this item, you must obtain a license for that.

Note that even in states like Iowa, Ohio, where knuckles are not expressly prohibited, you may be charged with felony when you use it in a violent crime.


Generally, you are allowed to possess or keep knives that are less than 2-3 inches. However, you are not permitted to possess some types of knives.

Different states have different regulations on the types of knives you cannot keep.

Hoarding These Items Might Get You Arrested

In Texas, you cannot use a knife with a blade that is above 5½ inches.

Whereas in California, you are prohibited from keeping belt knives, air gauge knives, ballistic knives, butterfly knives, dirks, stilettos, knives over 2 inches in length, and knives you cannot detect with metal detectors.

In Illinois and Florida, you cannot keep ballistic knives. In New York, you cannot keep metal knuckle knives, throwing stars, cane swords, and ballistic knives.

In Alabama, you are not permitted to have concealed bowie-like knives. Also, in Hawaii, butterfly knives and switchblades are illegal.


Under both federal and state laws, it it illegal to manufacture, distribute or receive explosive materials without a license.

Hoarding These Items Might Get You Arrested

According to the Federal Explosives Act of 1917, possession of explosives is prohibited.

If you are looking at getting explosive materials in your survival items, you would have to ditch that idea.

Otherwise, you may be arrested.


This is an electroshock weapon you can use to incapacitate a violent attacker. It has two small darts that can penetrate and cause electric shock on a targeted person.

In New York, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, you are not permitted to possess or use a taser.

However, in Connecticut, you can carry this item along with you, either in person or in a car. In Illinois, you must obtain a Firearm owner’s identification card before you can possess a taser.


According to the Federal Switchblade Act 1958, it is illegal to use switchblades. Some states also forbid you from possessing or using this item.


These states include Hawaii, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Washington, Delaware, etc.

There are punishments if you flout this law. For example, in Minnesota, owning a switchblade is a misdemeanor crime with a penalty of 90 days or 1-year imprisonment and fines.

Large Capacity Magazines

This is a type of magazine with a high number of ammunition rounds. It enables you to shoot repeatedly without reloading the rifle.

Some states like Hawaii, Connecticut, California, Colorado, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, and Vermont have legislations that prohibit you from having large-capacity magazines.

Hoarding These Items Might Get You Arrested

Under the Colorado Revised Statutes 18-12-302, the maximum permissible magazine capacity is 15.

In Hawaii, Connecticut, Maryland, etc., the maximum is 10 rounds.

Using large-capacity magazines attracts punishments.

In Colorado, this attracts 12-18 months imprisonment and or $1,000 to $10,000 fine. In 2021, the Ninth Circuit upheld California’s penal code 32310 which forbids possession of large-capacity magazines.


States like New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, California, and Washington have restrictions on trapping.

In New Jersey, it is illegal to possess a steel-jaw leghold trap. In Florida, you cannot possess or use steel leg-hold, body-grip, and dog-proof raccoon traps.

If at all you need traps, you must obtain the necessary permit from the Food and Wildlife Conservation.



There are variations of permitted bullets across all states. States like California and Connecticut do not allow you to possess ‘large caliber’ ammunition.

In Florida, it is illegal to possess or use Dragon’s breath bullet. The Dragon’s breath can shoot out sparks and flames of over 100 feet.

In Florida, California, and Illinois, you are not permitted to possess flechette bullets. Be sure to check out if the type of bullets you are getting is permitted in your state.

Assault Rifles

Until 2004, assault rifle was banned at the federal level under the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act 1994. However, it is still illegal to possess or use an assault rifle in some states.


These states are Maryland, Massachusetts, Hawaii, California, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.

If you plan to include an assault rifle in your survival item and it is prohibited in your state law, you need to ditch that right away.

Under the Maryland code of criminal law, a first offender here is liable to imprisonment for a minimum period of five years and a maximum of twenty years.

A second or subsequent offender is liable to imprisonment for a mandatory minimum of ten years with a maximum of 20 years.



If you are looking at getting a silencer to your survival items, you need to check if it is permitted in your state.

Some states such as Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and District of Columbia criminalize the possession of silencers.

Under the California’s penal code 33310, it is a criminal offense to possess a silencer. The punishment is up to 3 years imprisonment.

You don’t want to be arrested by the cops for possessing what is illegal to possess. And yes, ignorance is not an excuse here. That’s pretty much why I have taken you through some of the items that are illegal for you to hoard.

Note that there may be variations across different states and districts. Just be sure you are not breaking the laws of the place where you are resident.

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