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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Audio Podcast: Episode-198- Thoughts on Selecting a Bug Out Location

icon for podpress Episode-198- Thoughts on Selecting a Bug Out Location [48:31m]: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download

Today’s broadcast discusses options for setting up, finding and selection of a bug out location, (also called a BOL or fall back location). There is also a bit of follow up on yesterdays show about the swine flu and some other little pieces of advice.

Tune in today to hear about…

  • How far is far enough away, how close is to close
  • Does a BOL have to be remote, think about Hurricane Katrina
  • Why a bug out location is a highly personal choice and what you want is most important
  • Hidden gotchas to watch out for in buying a second piece of property
  • Why tent camping is not a good idea for your BOL and why you really need a structure ASAP
  • Starting with an outbuilding is a good option
  • Thoughts on over looked benefits of mountain land
  • My personal big 4, (water on property, guns are acceptable, land is good for growing food and livestock are welcome in the community)
  • Is the Northwest the most ideal place, thoughts on rough winters and possible global cooling
  • Watch out for potential annexation by surrounding towns/cities
  • Buyers covenants are good, home owners associations are evil!
  • If you move permanently to your BOL you no longer have a fall back position
  • Stay away from major roads, roving hordes are not the only reason
  • Know the community you have chosen before you buy
  • The hidden danger on land that borders “National Forest”, etc.
  • Have redundancy options for your well, (manual, solar, something not grid dependent)
  • Using slope to your advantage with water harvesting

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