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Friday, August 14, 2009

Passive Protection in times of crisis

By Joseph Parish

For many reasons one can not often protect their assets as they would like to. These reasons may range from the lack of the necessary money to accomplish all that would be needed to various local ordinances which would forbid installing certain protective devices. Even if you can not afford all the luxuries of protection that other survivalists have done there are still ways that you can adequately protect your home and your family in times of crisis.

If you are like any other survivalist you have been putting a few supplies away just in case for many years now. You and I both know that when a crisis develops you will likely become the target of others who will want what you have worked so hard to save.

The key to this problem lies in taking passive defense measures that will offer you the same protection as those that spend a great sum of money. Granted that minor measures will certainly never stop the hungry marauders but there are techniques that may delay them as much as possible.

Initially you must never advertise what you have. The less other people know your supply levels the better you are to deal with the situation. If they do not know it is there chances are good that they will not bother you.

Protect your home the best you can by planting common rose bushes around it. The thorns that are part of a rose bush are just as effective as Barbwire and no ordinates can object to them. Try to make your home look like no one is living there. If no one is living in your home chances are good that the hoards will pass it right by thinking there are no supplies there as well.

A sneaky trick would be to arrange to have some weathered plywood readily available to place on your homes windows. If your boards appear to look aged the roaming bands will be less likely to bother your home thinking it is abandoned.

Most of the opponents that will approach your home are likely going to be armed and as such it is important that you develop a means of defensive combat tactics. In war there is only one rule and one rule only – Win! Learn about guerilla fighting tactics and how best to use them to your advantage. You may even need to know and understand many unconventional techniques in order to save your family and yourself.

Make certain that each member of your family knows what their responsibilities are in the event of a survival situation. Assign responsibilities to all and rightfully expect them to be done and done right. Practice several times per year maybe even more often if you can.

Copyright @200 Joseph Parish

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