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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Survival Bucket

by silverbullet

I was asked by a friend to set him up a little survival bag (bob) for the family. He has nothing at all saved away in case something happens, and was hoping to get away with drinking warm beer from the garage and uncooked packs of Raman noodles if the shit went down

After talking to him for an hour on how the government admits that in an emergency he and his family will likely be on his own for at least 72 hours, he asked me to help him put something very basic together. One thing he asked was if I could put the kit in a bucket instead of a backpack. He has two small kids which seem to get into everything and he would like to have something they can't open easily and play with. He also wants to put it on the shelf beside the car in the garage so that he can easily throw it into the car and go if needed. By putting it in a bucket the kids won't be able to get into, as well as any insects/rodents. A few pics:

New empty bucket and lid:

Bucket full of stuff:

All the stuff:

* 6 cans of pre-cooked chicken

* 2 cans of whole pre-cooked potatoes

* 1 can of pre-cooked beans

* 4 bottles of water

* Heater stove with tablets

* Cooking kit (pot, plate, cup, etc)

* 1 roll of toilet paper

* 1 bar of soap (in a Ziploc bag to keep it from making everything smell like soap)

* First aid kit

* 2 large garbage bags

* Zip-loc bag filled with tons of goodies such as a flashlight, batteries, utensils, emergency blanket, rain poncho, gloves, candles, matches, etc

There is still room for a few extra little things. I will let him seal the lid when he is ready.

If for some reason he needs to open the bucket to add/change out some stuff, he will just have to spend $2-$3 on a new lid to make sure the bucket stays properly sealed.

Yeah I know these types of kits are nothing new, but I thought I would post it anyways. I found a similar bucket on the internet (not as well kitted out though) for like $120-$150. I made this one for $45.

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