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Monday, September 5, 2011

Bartering for Survival - Bartering with Backups

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Quite often during a crisis or in a survival situation you will come up short on a needed item. Rather than struggling to make do with what you may have available there is always the option of bartering for that needed item. Sometimes a simple trade with someone else for that item can solve your problem.

When making a trade, you will always want to get the best deal possible. Unfortunately, it has to be a good deal for all parties involved before a trade can be agreed upon. Herein lays a basic problem that is encountered when bartering. You obviously will want to keep your most valuable items while trading those with the least value to you. Items with less value to you will also have less value to others.

This problem can be solved quite easily if you use a proper system of backups for your gear and other items. While beans, bullets and band-aids are basic essentials and should be considered non-barter items in most cases, most people have numerous other gear items and survival supplies that could be used for effective bartering.

A proper system of backups will give you those needed barter items without extra expense and shouldn’t endanger your supply of needed items. While most everyone strives to have the best quality and type of gear possible, in the real world of tight money and limited budgets, this isn’t always possible. In the process of looking for that ultimate piece of gear, many people accumulate extra gear and other items that are capable of getting the job done but may not be the best for their intended purpose. This is where your backup items can serve another purpose.

While backups are generally associated with use when something is lost, stolen or broken, they can serve an additional purpose for use when bartering. One simple example of this is knives. Most people have a lot of knives for use as a backup. Whether it’s a kitchen knife, a utility knife or a cheap pocket folder or an extra fixed blade, it can be of great value to someone else. Even a cheap pocket folder will have a good deal of value to someone who doesn’t have a knife.

As you work to build the best possible inventory of survival gear, remember that those extra gear items that are accumulated in the process can have a great deal of value in a barter situation and may have more value than you thought.

When bartering with backups, keep the best and trade the rest!

Staying above the water line!


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