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Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to prepare for home quarantine

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In the event of some kind of pandemic/epidemic, you should be prepared to quarantine yourself in your home. Lets discuss a few thing you should have at hand.

Being that we are preppers, I am not going to go into food and water preps as you should already have these on hand.

  1. Avoid contact with others. This is number one for obvious reasons. The less contact you have with others the better.
  2. Consider everybody as infected. Even family members. If you or your family have prolonged going to work, any one of you could be carrying the infection. Avoid hugs and kisses with your family for at least 2 weeks to be sure of negative infection. You may consider wearing gloves and mask around the house if you are not sure.
  3. If somebody in the house is infected, that person needs to be segregated to a room of the house and that room needs to be duct taped closed and opened only to pass necessary items through then see rule #6.
  4. Rubber gloves. Infectious disease can live on porous items for up wards of 72 hrs. Best not to trust this estimate. Consider all items coming in from the outside to be contaminated and should be washed with anti bacterial soap or a chlorine mix before handling with bare hands. Therefore, any item you pick up after the emergency starts need to be handled accordingly.
  5. N100 Masks. Do not underestimate airborne particles. These will be the number one infection transmission method and should be mitigated.
  6. If your are using a evaporative cooler, turn it off and seal your vents with duct tape. Think about a window mount air conditioner instead.
  7. Seal air leaks in your home. All it takes is one particle of ionfectious material to doom your whole family. Since you will be indoors with not alot to do, do this.
  8. Any time you come into near contact with anybody who is infected, you will need a shower. This is not an option.
  9. Never touch your face with your hands. Your hands by default will be the most likely area of your body to contain infected debris.
  10. All common items in the house should be disinfected after use regardless if anybody is sick. The kitchen and bathrooms should be meticulously cleaned after use. Every use.
  11. If you are able to obtain Flu mitigation medication such as Tami-flu, get those now. Be sure to have entire courses of meds for every member of your family.
  12. Your neighbors are not your friends. Do not watch their kids for them. Do not invite them in. Talk to them through windows. Don't even open the door to them. If they ask to talk with you outside or insist, tell them you are sick. That should end any unwanted conversations quickly.
  13. If a family member dies in quarantine, Seal off the room until professionals can deal with it. Don't risk it. If you decide to take matters into your own hands, Wear long pants and long sleeves. Tuck your sleeves into your gloves. Dig your grave prior to moving the body. Spray the areas of the body you intend to touch with your bleach solution and wait 10 minutes before touching the body. Avoid touching the torso and head of the deceased person and only touch the disinfected extremities. Disinfect you clothing and shower after the operation is complete.
  14. Do not wait for the government to shut down the schools before you pull your out!!!! The government is historically reactive. Be proactive.

Items to have on hand:

  1. Rubber Gloves
  2. N100 Masks
  3. Duct tape - many rolls
  4. Chlorine bleach
  5. Tami Flu
While discussing these procedures with your neighbors may seem like a good idea, don't make it sound like your home is a safe zone or you will be invaded. Keep your infection control on the down low to minimize friendly or unfriendly visits from your neighbors. Never, ever tell them you have meds either.


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  1. Excellent information. I wonder what we would do with mail? Can't realy wash that? We can open it up with gloves I suppose. I remember during the Anthrax attacks after 9/11 I had the mailman stop all the junk mail and I had most bills changed to online only. I'll have to revisit this idea now that I moved and getting lots of mail again.