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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hiding places and small caches

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Most discussions regarding caches involve burying them. No doubt that for the ultimate security – burying is best. For this post above ground caches will be considered.
There may be reasons why burying certain supplies is not the best option. One example is for whatever reason you find yourself outside of your main residence and have a need to access something – such as a firearm. Another might be a need to have a survival kit/bug out bag off site to access while on the move. Being able to access these supplies in a moments notice may be necessary.
Regardless of the reason or situation – here are a few examples of above ground hiding places (click to enlarge):
Old hollowed-out stump
Rear of above - deep cavity in tree
Well house
Under a shed - possibly stuck up against floor.
Behind and inside bushes.
There are tons of locations to be considered. The above choices were presented with the idea that a group of people may search the property for supplies looking in the normal places – and may miss others. It would take quite an eye for detail to find an ammo box set down inside the cavity of the tree pictured above.
Another method is to hide supplies in plain site. An example of this is to have a tote fill with ammunition marked “CHRISTMAS STUFF” with the top layers covered with ornaments. Possibly a searcher would open the tote and see the Christmas stuff and look no further.
There are also books that have hollowed out insides which can hold small pistols, a radio, cell phone, and other supplies. Another method for inside a home is to pull up the carpet in a closet – cut out a section of the floorboard – and place supplies in the space below. The floorboard section and carpet can be replaced for access later.
What to hide? That is up to you. Could be a  pistol with a couple of extra mags. A survival kit in a small backpack. Possibly a bottle of Crown Royal your spouse doesn’t want to see in the house anymore.
A buried cache is no doubt the most secure – but not the most accessible.
Let’s hope neither is ever needed.

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