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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Henry U.S. Survival Rifle 22LR Semi-Auto AR-7 ?


Picked one up and hope to try it out Tuesday at the range. I'll post a review sometime next week.



I'm giving serious thought to picking up one of these this weekend.
The reviews are, in general, very positive but I am seeking feedback from my readers on this.

Have anything to contribute? Leave a comment.



  1. Hi Bax
    I aquirred a used AR-7 about a year ago.It is a older model but I can tell you it is a neat little survival rifle.Its crude & by no means a match rifle but it will bag you some small game in a pinch.One drawback I must tell ya about is that you have to keep that sucker clean.Disassemble it and clean the reciver good and you should have no problems.Also try different ammo.Its a lil pickey as to what it is reliable with.With the above in mind I would recommend having one in you B O B. I never leave home without it.


  2. +1 to Rhino's comments.

    Mine was picky about ammo, but found something it liked.

    It's short and not easy to shoot, but the fact that it stores in the butt makes it a "throw it in the trunk" tool. You could drive over it, I guess, but other than that it's indestructible.

  3. I've had mine over 30 years and loved it from the first time I fired it. Accurate and never had a malfunction.

  4. I had one years ago made by Charter Arms and loved it. With the factory magazine it was 100% reliable and decently accurate.

    Great gun. I think I might need to get another one now.



  5. The Henry AR7 is a much bet than the original one I had decades ago the Charter Arms version.But even the CA version was a good userful piece of kit, Henry just cleaned it up and refined it a bit.

    BTW they must be kept clean, I kept mine in a ziplock back in my rucksack back then.
    Its ideal for your back pack for getting small game, but dont think you can chase offf a griz with one :)