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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

How To Spot Fake Law Enforcement When SHTF

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What would our society be without the thin blue line? There are some people who are pretty interested in finding out. I don’t think they will like the results. If not for this small group of brave people and the silent contract that most of us agree to in following the laws, our nation could never be what it is today.

We would become a destabilized, highly armed, and dangerous populace run by warlords and gangs. None of that is good. I don’t care what you think of the nation we have inherited.

What about those imposters out there who pose as law enforcement? This is extremely popular in other nations. It’s a great shakedown tactic.

“You gotta pay the bridge fee of $50 to get across this bridge.”

If we see massive civil unrest and a further crumbling of our society there will be many more instances of these fake cops running around taking women and children, stealing money, or even just committing murder.

So, how do you identify fake law enforcement?

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At Your Door

How to Spot Fake Law Enforcement When SHTFWhat do the police in your area look like? You should know this. When an officer comes to your door simply give them a look before opening the door.

Look at the uniform, badge, numbers and look at the belt to see if they are carrying all the items on the utility belt.

While there are many places selling legitimate police gear these days, you can always tell you are not sure, and you would like them to verify that they are the police. There is almost no reason why a police officer should want to come into your home unless you have given them a reason to.

Another tell is to look for the police cruiser. Is there a legitimate law enforcement vehicle parked outside your home? The police are not going to walk to your home. They will park the car out front before the approach.

Pulling You Over

For most people, getting pulled over is nerve racking. That is part of the issue. You are already excited, and you want to be calm in all of this. This is where an imposter will take advantage of your panic. They can be aggressive and make you do what they want, if you think they are really a cop.

Imagine being loaded into a fake police car. What on earth is coming next?

Fake Police CarTake note of the car being used.

Is the car beat up, different than the typical police car? Are the lights different? Is the siren different than anything you have heard?

Take note of all this before pulling over. If you are concerned do not pull over.

There are also some telltale reflective decals on the sides and hood of the police cars. Look for these!


How to Spot Fake Law Enforcement When SHTFThe police are getting savvy online, but it is exceedingly rare that they contact you. Any interaction with police through social media, or something like that, should be verified. Simply call 911 to be sure this is what it should be.

Also, don’t give any of your information to the “officer” online. Do not give any addresses or anything like this.

Reacting To An Imposter

Identifying the imposter is one thing but what happens next is of the utmost importance. If you are quick to grab a firearm it could cost you your life if your imposter turns out to be a real cop! So, we must be smart about the steps we take after a fake police officer is identified.

At Your Door

If you identify a fake police officer at your door there is one thing you should do, immediately.


Get the police on the phone and tell the person at the door that you have 911 on the phone. Ask the operator if they have a police officer at your location. This can be verified pretty easily.

If it is an imposter they will likely run away at this point. If they continue to try and break into your home, at least you know you are dealing with a violent intruder and not a police officer. You can also tell the operator to send police to your location.

Pulling You Over

How to Spot Fake Law Enforcement When SHTFAgain, go back to the 911 operator in a situation like this.

If you are unsure about the car or the person inside you can just keep driving with the 911 operator on the phone. They will be able to verify what is going on with the police car that is tailing you, with the lights on.

Immediately, head towards the nearest police station. This will be a further deterrent to the imposter who is following you.


This is easier because you don’t have to worry as much about immediate violence of action. That is the most terrifying instance. Online you don’t run the risk of arrest or even bodily harm. Still, a clever hacker can take advantage of someone who is intimidated by the presence of law enforcement in the online world.

How to Spot Fake Law Enforcement When SHTFIf you are being questioned online by someone who claims to be law enforcement, simply ask for a few things.

  • Department
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Sheriff or Superior’s Contact Info

You should be able to easily verify whether this is an imposter or not by using this information.

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We are living through very strange and dangerous times. The definition of a criminal has been blurred over the last 40 years. This puts the average person at risk. Criminals are better informed and better outfitted these days, too!

To intimidate someone and pose as fake law enforcement would not take a lot of research or effort. It would have much more to do with finding the right kind of victim. Never be the RIGHT KIND OF VICTIM. Know your rights and understand that you can use the steps we mentioned to verify a police officer, in most situations.

If you are dealing with someone impersonating a police officer, it means that your life is potentially at risk. Someone who is willing to do that kind of things understands the risks but looks at the reward as something that is worth the heavy price! Do not take this lightly. As always, you should be prepared to defend yourself but take smart precautions to keep yourself safe.

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