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Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Four Rules of Gun Safety

Note: I published this a few years ago and with the unfortunate accidental shooting event involving Alec Baldwin all over the news thought this would be a good time to bring it back. As humans, we tend to make mistakes – some more than others. Mistakes involving firearms can be not only dangerous but create life-changing events that some never recover from.

Stay safe my friends.

Over the past two months, I’ve worked with several new shooters and have gone over the four rules of gun safety – over and over and over again. I ended up seeing one couple at the range recently and witnessed safety infractions happening and had to speak up and say something. That was not at all what I taught them.

If you are new to shooting or maybe just never received the proper training read the following – and not just practice it but remember…and learn it.

Every gun should be treated like it’s loaded. Complacency and carelessness have cost far too many lives and it’s totally preventable. Positive a gun is empty? Treat it likes it’s not.


Handling a firearm comes with an awesome responsibility. Do not EVER point a firearm at something you are not willing to destroy – aka kill. This should be common sense but far too often it’s not. See someone break this rule accidentally? Let them know. It may be your life you end up saving.

A question that often comes up is – “Well, where should I point the gun?” This depends on where you are and where everyone else is. Bottom line is the gun should never point at any person. Many shooting ranges have rules stating all firearms must point downrange at all times. When carrying firearms – both pistols and long guns – I prefer to keep barrels pointing downward.


Accidental discharges are more often than not caused by a finger pulling a trigger when the shooter was NOT ready to shoot. This is a simple fix by keeping your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.


Never shoot at anything you have not absolutely identified AND know what is behind it. Targets are often missed and you are accountable for every round exiting your gun. Bullets can travel great distances so you must know exactly where every shot will end up.

* * * * *

As a gun owner, you are responsible for handling all firearms in a safe manner. As a responsible advocate for the 2nd Amendment, I would go further to say you are also responsible for watching out for others to prevent accidents and help educate.

Be safe out there!


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