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Sunday, June 11, 2023

Is Prepping Pointless? 6 Tips to Help You Understand

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By Linda Loosli 

Unfortunately, there are plenty of naysayers out there who will go out of their way to argue with you about how pointless it is to try and prepare for various types of emergencies.

Others will tell you that the chances of a catastrophe ever happening to you and your family are slim to none. What may surprise you is that they’d be right. Well, sort of.  

If you’re prepping for the wrong reasons or don’t have all the necessary supplies beforehand, when a disaster situation comes your way, all your time and preparation may be for nothing. That could be something that you didn’t want to hear but is necessary to think about. So, is prepping pointless after all? Keep reading to find out!

Is Prepping Pointless? 6 Tips to Help You Understand

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Is Prepping Pointless? Reasons Why People Don’t Prep

So, is prepping pointless? Before I spill the beans on my personal beliefs about prepping, let’s take a look at why some individuals and their families make the decision not to prep. There’s a good chance that you may have heard some of the reasons or excuses from a friend or a family member. Survival Items for Emergency Prepping

People Aren’t Aware of the Threats

Sadly, there are far too many Americans out there who are completely oblivious to the many different types of threats. Some choose to ignore it because when the subject comes up, it stresses them out. But being blissfully unaware is a dangerous and foolish approach to take.

If people aren’t educated about the dangers that come with certain weather conditions or man-made disasters, they’ll be less likely to take the initiative to prepare for them. Just because something is out of sight and out of mind doesn’t mean that a natural disaster will steer clear of the ignorant. 

It Could Never Happen to Them

To be completely fair, people who have this way of thinking aren’t always wrong. Truth be told, millions of people will go their entire life without ever having to worry about a natural disaster wrecking their world, but what if you’re not so lucky? Wouldn’t you rather prepare for the worst and hope for the best rather than do absolutely nothing to prepare and then experience a nightmare? Personally, I’d rather have it and not need it than need something and not have it at those critical times.

What if Nothing Ever Happens?

This is a lousy excuse, but people still use it, whether it’s because they’re lazy and don’t want to put in the work, or they’re worried about wasting money on supplies that they think will never be used. Just like with everything else in life, nothing is ever guaranteed. But if you don’t prepare ahead of time for an emergency, you’re more likely to find yourself in a sticky situation later on down the road, and that situation may prove to be life-threatening.

Prepping is about using everything available that could prove helpful and has nothing to do about waste. You may be able to use those supplies on hobbies and other activities at some point down the road so that they do find use. You could also make them available to others who are now, or have recently gone through an emergency, and will put them to use immediately.

Preppers are Crazy

I’m not going to deny it, there are doomsday preppers out there that I believe have lost more than just a few marbles. But categorizing all preppers with that group of individuals is utterly unfair and would be a huge mistake. The truth is, most preppers I’ve come to know are responsible, intelligent, and have their family’s best interest in mind. They’re not necessarily living every day in fear, waiting for the sky to fall, as we’ve been trained to believe.

Is Prepping Pointless? Reasons Why Prepping Isn’t Pointless

As you’ve probably been able to guess from the direction I’ve been heading, prepping isn’t pointless after all. Here are a few reasons why you need to be prepping for emergencies:

Natural Disasters and Violence are Becoming A Common Theme

There’s no way to dispute it, Natural disasters, violence, and terrorism have become more and more frequent and severe over the past few decades.  In 2017, our country had a historic year, and not in a good way. There were 16 natural disasters that each caused over $1 billion in damage in the United States.

Those statistics don’t account for the smaller, more localized disasters that people like you and I experienced that year. That means that millions of people were affected in one way or another. Are you willing to continue gambling your odds of a disaster never happening to your family?

Even something as simple and frequent as losing power to your home could prove to be life-changing. How do you heat or cool your home, cook meals, do the dishes or laundry, study for school, or safely move within your home if the electricity isn’t available for a few hours or days?

Prepping Provides Peace of Mind

While we can’t control when or where these disaster events will take place, we can do our best to be prepared for them when they do happen. Prepping gives us peace of mind knowing that we’ve done as much as possible to be ready for whatever may come our way. That alone should allow you to sleep better at night knowing that you’ve done every necessary thing you can think of to keep your family safe.

Prepping for Emergencies Isn’t Just About the Big Stuff

Sure, there are plenty of doomsday preppers out there who are making their preparations for a future apocalyptic event, but prepping for emergencies is much more than that. It’s also about being ready for anything that comes your way, whether it’s a car breakdown or a freakish snowstorm that traps your family in your home for several days. Having the right supplies for those situations will make things a lot easier on you.   

The Government Won’t Be able to Help Everyone

Following a major disaster, there’s a good chance that your local, state, and national government will be limited with resources and won’t be able to assist your family as you might expect. This is especially true if the disaster is widespread. That’s why it’s so important for you to be prepared to take care of yourself and your family as best you can.

It may take days, weeks, and even months to have food and water available for everyone in the stores or through rescue resources. We must take care of our family and not depend on the government.

Yes, there are community sources that try to help as many people as possible, but their resources are limited too. It behooves all of us to have a plan and our own resources in place to get us through the tough times.

You Can’t Predict the Future

This one may seem a bit obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. You never know when an emergency or disaster situation will happen, so it’s always better to be prepared. If you wait until it’s too late, you may not have the supplies or resources that you need to get through the situation.

The old adage, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail” really comes into play. Planning is truly a family project that requires all members to be on the same page. What food to store, how much water is needed, evacuation locations, and so much more goes into being prepared. Start now, if you haven’t already.

The Difference Between Life and Death

I may sound a bit harsh or insensitive, but being prepared for all sorts of emergencies could be the difference between life and death for you or one of your family members. That’s right! Learning survival skills and knowing how to use the right emergency supplies when the time calls for them could end up saving your life one day. This might help you determine whether prepping is pointless or not.

More Prepping Tips:

Sanitation Tips

Please make an emergency toilet, If you’re like me you don’t want to share a toilet with strangers. Please make an emergency toilet with 6-gallon buckets with a portable toilet seat. There are many options, but this one is super cheap and easily put together.

Final Word

So, is prepping pointless? Absolutely not!  Prepping is a smart and responsible way to be prepared for anything that comes your way. Natural disasters, car accidents or breakdowns, bad storms, and other emergencies can happen without warning and often leave people stranded without the supplies they need. By prepping ahead of time, you can rest assured knowing that you and your family will be taken care of no matter what happens. May God Bless this world, Linda

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