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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Food Storage Moms-Free Printables

food storage moms

I want to add several of my Food Storage Moms printables to this post so they are easy to find. If you remember one I have forgotten, please let me know. This is 12 years’ worth of Food Storage Moms printables, not the printable recipes (except my bread recipes).

The very first printable I designed was with help from my sister, Carol. I would scribble my thoughts onto white sheets of paper, and she would “purdy them up.” I’m not very techie with making forms. I had to learn to copy and paste twelve years ago. Yep, I own it.

Then, I decided for my blog: I would never sell or charge for any products, printables, e-books, membership fees, or webinars on my website. However, I do have ads posted that help pay for the expenses of my website.

These printables are basic ideas and guidelines for my readers when starting or continuing their efforts to be better prepared. Emergencies come in many forms and don’t have to be the result of natural disasters. You can lose your job, have an accident or injury that pulls you away from work and family, or lose a loved one who is the breadwinner. Being ready to move forward and survive these and other scenarios is critical.

Free Printables

Printables by Food Storage Moms

Emergency Documents Binder Contents by Food Storage Moms

Here’s what my binder looks like. It has a zipper outside to keep all the contents safely secured inside. This has been among my most popular items as readers prepare for emergencies. It should be included in every 72-hour Kit, grab-and-go bag, or other tote. It comes in handy whether you must evacuate or hunker down at home.

It’s essential to make it as complete as possible, readily available, periodically updated, and its location is known to all family members. You may have some unique items in your binder, but that’s ok; our needs and priorities can be different. Having identification, birth certificates, insurance policies, divorce decrees, home and car titles and deeds, and other documentation is a must during emergencies.

Food Storage Moms

FSM FREE Printable Emergency Binder Download  I prefer printing it on cardstock, and it’s actually in color if you want to print with a color printer.

Food Storage Moms No-Fail Bread Recipes

Homemade Bread On The Stove

I know people sell bread-making e-books, but here’s the deal: I want to teach people the pioneer skills of making bread. My recipes are no-fail as long as you have fresh ingredients. Anyone can make bread. I would love to open a bakery and teach people how to make bread. There is nothing quite like the feel of bread dough in your hands and teaching others to make it.

If you know how to make bread and bread-based food items, your family can survive. Of course, you need the ingredients and some water to mix up the bread dough, but as a prepper, you have those things on hand. When eating during an emergency, you want foods each family member will eat, and bread is a top choice. Add peanut butter, jam, cold cuts, tomatoes, or other family favorites, and have toast or a sandwich ready.


Whole Wheat Bread by Linda

White Bread by Linda

Cinnamon Rolls by Linda

Dinner Rolls by Linda

French Bread by Linda

Pressure Cooker Printable by Food Storage Moms

food storage moms

Using a pressure cooker is one of my favorite kitchen activities. My top choice is the Sagor (used to be Fagor) Pressure Cooker, which seems sturdier than the Instant Pot. I have both of them, so I have used both. I took classes with Chef Brad using the Fagor product and worked at a kitchen store, teaching people how to make bread, cinnamon rolls, and so much more. It was an enjoyable job. They sold only the Sagor, so I bought a Sagor for all four daughters for Christmas one year after using both.

Cooking with a pressure cooker makes meal preparation easy and time-saving. If you have some tough meat, cook it in the pressure cooker. If you don’t have a rice cooker, use a pressure cooker. If you’re in a hurry to fix dinner after a long day at work, use your pressure cooker.

Each food group has its own unique time and temperature setting, so the final results are what you desire. The printables help solve those types of questions.

Here is the pressure cooker printable:

Pressure Cooker Temperatures-Vegetables

Pressure Cooker Temperatures-Meat

Pressure Cooker Temperatures-Rice, grains, beans

Dutch Oven Printable by Food Storage Moms

food storage moms

For years, Mark and I had travel trailers and pop-ups. We loved to get out and spend a few days in the mountains or by a lake. He often plans it around a golf course setting, and I’d read a good book, listen to music, or nap. For meals, we’d plan things around our Dutch oven and have a variety of delicious meals. Each time we’d use the Dutch oven, we’d picture cooking meals during emergencies and gained confidence that we could survive no matter what.

PRINTABLE Lodge Dutch Oven time and temperature chart I put together after getting permission from the company:

Dutch Oven Chart

Where Do I Start by Food Storage Moms

I’ve been storing food my whole marriage. Being prepared has always been vital for me. Knowing where to start and how to maintain a complete food inventory during an emergency is daunting for many. My Meal Planning Schedule is a great way to catch the vision, implement a storage plan, and put it to work.

FSM Meal Planning Schedule

What Do I Have by Food Storage Moms

Knowing what’s in the pantry or on those basement shelves is essential. These printables help you stay fully stocked, well-organized, and informed at all times. Keep them up to date and monitored, and you’ll sleep better at night.

FSM WhatDo I Have-basic

FSM What Do I Have-liquid

FSM What Do I Have-dairy

FSM What Do I Have-meat

FSM What Do I Have-veggie

FSM What Do I Have-fruit

FSM What Do IHave-grain

72-Hour Kits by Food Storage Moms

Having these kits is important, but knowing what’s in them and how to use the contents is vital. Each family member should have their own and they should be stocked with those unique items appropriate by age and personal needs. Have them checked periodically to make sure they’re up to date and that items haven’t expired or spoiled. Rotate items out as needed, and add items as circumstances change. Make sure they’re readily accessible and that each family member knows where they are.

food storage moms

72-Hour Kits-Adult-Kids-Pets-Lists

Adult Kits

Children Kits

Pet Kits

Food Storage Moms Portable Kitchen

You can have food stored for use in case of emergency, but you need a way to cook that food, serve it, and clean it up. Having a portable kitchen serves these purposes and takes a lot of the worry out of “how to” when an emergency arises. Your potable kitchen can take on a life of its own based on what and how you do meal prep, but this printable has the basics you’ll need as you put your emergency plans together.

food storage moms

Mobile Portable Kitchen List

Food Storage Moms First Aid Kit

Other challenges often come along as part of an emergency situation, including injury and sickness. You can see my first aid kit below and the printable outlines what I feel are the most critical items to include. Again, yours may be different, but there are a number of basic first-aid items we all should stock and have ready for use.

It’s great to have a quality first aid kit, but keep in mind that you’ll also need the training and expertise to put the included items to use. Consider taking a current first aid class so you know you’ll be prepared to put the contents to their best use.

food storage moms

First aid kit

New printables will be added as I think of them. I hope this makes it easier to find the ones you can use. Feel free to pass on any of these printables to people you feel will benefit by having and using them. Also, suggest your family and friends sign up for my daily blog newsletter so they can gain insight into all things prepping. Thanks again for being prepared for the unexpected. We can do this together. May God bless this world, Linda

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