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Friday, January 8, 2010

How to ensure you do not survive disaster...

1. Fail to Prepare in Advance:

Most people refuse to prepare. They continue blindly accepting that the systems of support that they currently enjoy will always be available to them. People tend to put their faith in systems that they neither understand or control. Most figure that any problems encountered will be short lived and quickly corrected by others. Most of the time they are correct, but not always...

2. Rely On Only One Food Source:

Having all of your eggs in one basket is asking for trouble. If for some reason your home is destroyed or you are forced to leave in a hurry, you lose access to your stored provisions. It is important to have supplies located away from your home that you can retrieve when the circumstances warrant. $30/month rents you a nice sized storage locker somewhere with round the clock security included. This is called a "back-up plan".

3. Assume that having large quantities of gold, silver and other commodities will see you through an economic crisis:

Commodities have value only so long as someone else wants them. You can't eat gold and you can't drink silver. You can't plant either to grow more. Having some precious metals available to "buy" items you need after an economic collapse may be a good idea but you will be much better off if you have extra food, water-filters, first-aid supplies, ammunition, toilet paper, boots etc. Store extra "finished goods" that you know others will need and want if you plan to trade/barter.

4. Rely too heavily on firearms:

Guns and ammunition are expensive. The proficient use of firearms requires extensive training and practice. Your money and time is better spent on securing stored food and items that will meet your needs and allow you some degree of comfort and warmth every day. Guns are neither warm nor particularly comforting. Shooting at something or someone is a hassle that may hasten your own demise. Expect some people to shoot back if provoked.

5. Rely on the ability to Bug Out:

Running away from disaster to a longterm retreat location may be romantic, but is often impractical. Bugging out is usually a short term solution to an immediate threat that will pass in time. Do not rely on the ability to leave and start fresh somewhere else...these people are generally referred to as refugees and are usually the picture of desperation and misery as they trudge down the road. Refugees are generally not well received by others in times of difficulty. If you do not have somewhere specific to go, Bugging Out is probably not a very good idea.

6. Forsake Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

Learn to survive, don't rely on anything in particular to do that for you. Reading lots of books and blogs is a good idea. Practicing what you have read is even better. The first time you build an igloo you are going to mess it up. Make sure the first time you build one is not when your life depends on a successful outcome. This advice applies to all skills. We learn by our mistakes. If you haven't made the mistakes, you haven't really learned anything.

7. Depend on Hi-tech Toys & Gadgets:

When it comes to surviving, simple is best. The more moving parts something has, the more likely it will break. Batteries will run out and will become difficult to replace over time. Having 50 Bic lighters is much more practical than fire steel or potassium permanginate and glycerin (but not as cool :-}) Keep your selected emergency tools and gadgets simple and effective. Your best tool is your brain - practice using it.

8. Depend completely on the ideas of others:

Your life and your needs are very much your own. What will work for someone else may sound good, but will not necessarily work out for you. As you amass information on being prepared and put that information into practice; Think for yourself and address your specific needs and goals. Do not rely exclusively on the solutions that someone else figures will meet your needs. We are all different and as such your preps should reflect this fact.

9. Be obvious and/or confrontational:

Those that stand out or behave badly, usually get what they deserve which is trouble. Don't advertise to the neighborhood that you are well prepared. Don't be the only house on the block with lights blazing while all around you everyone else is in the dark. Being belligerent or picking a fight is the quickest way to get noticed in a bad way by others. Bad feelings and animosity fester over time and always return to cause you grief. No matter how wrong someone is, it's often best to keep a low profile and even retreat from confrontation so you don't make the situation worse. You cannot afford to get hurt and you certainly don't want to become a bigger target in the future.

10. Become a part of the problem:

Those that entertain the idea that when push comes to shove, they will just take what they want or bully others will end up dead. Nothing galvanizes the resolve of man quicker or more strongly than threatening someone, their family or their property. If you plan to be a MBZ (Mutant Biker Zombie) and pillage during times of distress, expect your reign of terror to be short lived - you wont be able to kill everybody. You are much better off preparing for tough times by storing your own food, water and supplies.

[What have you done today to prepare?]

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