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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Saving Money - The Digital Graveyard

I love tech.

But, I have to admit that some of it escapes me, even though I earn a living wading through it nearly every single day. One thing that totally escapes me is the "Electronic Cigarette". Yeah, lets all go suck on a rechargeable battery for fun and relaxation.

Hey come on, if God had intended man to suck on Ni-Cads, He would have put them on trees or shrubs, or something. God bless scorching your own lungs with hot gasses from burning vegetable matter.

I used to love having a cell phone, but now I hate it. Every single time I cross one of the bridges around the San Francisco Bay Area, I want to chuck the phone out the window. Actually, if I could get rid of it, and the wired house phone, I think it would be the next best thing to Heaven.

Many of us are trying to simplify our lives, get back to basics, cut costs, and conserve personal finances and resources.

Over the years, you may have accumulated a number of, now, unused, broken and forgotten electronic devices. These can include everything from old camcorders to cell phones and MP3 players. Some of us even have desktop and laptop computers lurking in corners and closets. Many E-Waste collection centers have been set up to collect your unused, broken, or unwanted electronics. Do you know why there are so many?


There's a lot of money in what you're giving away. There's gold, platinum, palladium, copper, silver, and other rare elements in many electronic devices.

And by giving the stuff away, you get zip, zero, zilch, nada, big fat goose eggs baby! Not even a freaking tax deduction. Guess who does walk away with the payday......sucker.

So if you've got an old CRT based TV or computer monitor, sure give that to the E-Waste collection center. It's mostly lead and plastic or wood. But the other stuff, you want to check out some other options first.

Option One:

These guys want your stuff. They'll tell you up front what they'll pay you to send it to them. Just tell them what you've got via their website. They pay for shipping and they'll even send you a box.

Option Two:

Pretty much just like Gazelle above.

Option Three

These guys buy only laptops, iPhones, Blackberry devices, and Smartphones.

Option Four

These guys even buy dead flat panel displays.

There are also brand specific places to sell back devices.

HP buys back their stuff, and from some other manufacturers.

Gateway Trade In Program

Toshiba Buy Back Program

Apple Buy Back or Trade In

COSTCO also has a trade in program, and is affiliated with Gazelle

Some of these places allegedly turn right around and sell the working stuff on E-Bay and make a profit out of low balling you when they buy your stuff. If you have the initiative and want to go the E-Bay route, that is also an option to get some cash back from your stuff rather than just giving it away.

If you're not sure about selling your own stuff on E-bay, you can contract with someone to do it for you. Typically they take a cut of the final selling price.

iSold It On E-bay



Think people don't buy damaged or broken stuff? Just go look on E-Bay at the iPhone section.

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