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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Garden hose.

Taking a Shower at the EOTW

Here's the scenario. There is a complete collapse of the United States. The entire electrical grid is down and the government ran municipal water bureaus have all but shut down. On top of the issues associated with finding enough water to stay hydrated there is also the issue of personal hygiene. Building a gravity fed shower system to maintain your sense of humanity just might make the difference between eking out a miserable existence and surviving at the top of your game-Nomad.

Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Camp Showers

If you're planning to have an outdoor trip or go camping with the family, it is a nice idea to bring along a camp shower or an outdoor shower that is comfortable. Keeping yourself clean is already a challenge when going on a camp. Nowadays, there are already a lot of companies that offer ready-made outdoor camping showers. However, preparing your own camping shower is a fun activity and it also saves you money.
How to Build Outdoor Camping Showers
In building a sample outdoor camp shower, the materials needed are eight 3-way connectors, 9 pieces of 1-foot PVC pipes, 5 pieces of 5-feet PVC pipes, a garden hose, a 4 x 6 feet plastic tarp, tie backs, a bucket and a drill.
The first step in building your camp shower is to create a square by connecting the 4 one-foot pipes and 4 three-way connectors together. Following the steps above, the base and top of the shower is already created. With the help of the 5-feet PVC pipes, the sides of the shower will be made. And so, the basic frame of our outdoor camp shower is created. The frame is then wrapped by a plastic tarp for the purpose of covering it. The tie backs are then used to connect the tarp to the frame of your outdoor camp shower.
Do It Yourself Outdoor Camp Shower
We have 2 choices in making our camp shower. We can either make a cold-water shower or a warm-water outdoor shower for camping. The materials needed to make a basic cold-water shower are heavy duty rubber bands, a rope, knife, 10 feet of rubber medical tubing and pump spray bottle of 1-gallon capacity.
The Cold-Water Camp Shower
Cut the hose that is connected to the bottle using the knife. Also cut the other end of the hose which is connected to the spray nozzle. The purpose of cutting off the hose connected to the bottle and spray nozzle is to replace it with the rubber medical tubing. The rubber medical tubing should then be fitted to both the nozzle and bottle. The heavy duty rubber bands should now be wrapped at the points where the rubber tubing is fitted. If there is no available rubber bands, duct tape or aquarium sealant can be used as alternatives.
Fill up the bottle with water using the pump of the spray nozzle. Always check for leakages the connections where the tubing meets the bottle and nozzle. If you do find any leakages, the rubber bands should be readjusted. After completing the steps above, the outdoor camp shower is ready for use.
Warm Water Camp Shower
To make a warm water shower is very simple but needs dry and sunny weather to help in heating the water naturally. Another alternative is using a stove or pot to heat the water and then just pouring it in the 1-gallon bottle as storage of the water.
The rest of the steps in building the warm water shower is the same as of the cold water shower. Following the steps above helps us get a better understanding of how outdoor showers for camping are made.
Proper planning with a good foresight of what you want to build and organizing of the required materials are needed in building a good quality outdoor camp shower. Build it on your own or build it with the family to have some quality time spent with your loved ones.
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