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Thursday, January 14, 2010


What Would 400 lbs of Wheat Make?

I received this in an email and now can't find the source. If anyone knows the original creator of this information please let me know.

What will 400 pounds of wheat make?

I believe it will help you get a better idea of what you can do with your storage and why you need so much wheat. Remember that sprouting increases the nutrition and variety as well. You need all the other ingredients to make the bread and pancakes, etc., but you already know that! I found this interesting and very important information that all need to know about regarding what can be produced with 400 pounds of wheat. Measurements are approximate.

Here goes:

400 lbs. wheat = 67 #10 cans

1 #10 can of wheat = 6 lbs. or 14 cups of wheat
1 #10 can wheat = 21 cups of flour
1 #10 can wheat = 7 large loaves of raised bread
1 #10 can wheat = 10-12 loaves of "quick" bread
1 #10 can wheat = 10 batches of pancakes (15-4" size pancakes per batch)
1 #10 can wheat = 10 batches of biscuits
1 #10 can wheat = 10 batches of chocolate chip cookies

Just multiply 67 by the number of loaves of bread, pancakes, cookies, etc. and that is what can be produced with 400 pounds of wheat.

Hope this is useful in your planning and preparing storage
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