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Monday, May 3, 2010

Episode-423- Thoughts on the Use of Deadly Force

I get a ton of questions on “guns for survival situations”, “handguns for self defense”, the “best knife if you need to defend yourself with a blade” and more like that all the time.  Of course I believe in being armed to what ever level your local laws allow, I am all for defending yourself with lethal force if you need to and I do think being trained with your weapons is a great idea.    Yet the number of such questions has led me to ask do people really think about the ramifications of being faced with a lethal force situation?
Join me today as we discuss…
  • The two never discussed myths about killing from Hollywood
  • Fantasies about a “Red Dawn” like scenario
  • The is no glory in death, for the killer or the killed
  • Your gun may be highly ineffective if you are the one being attacked
  • Cover, concealment and movement
  • Home defense, put awareness on your side
  • Handguns are for times when you can’t carry a rifle or shot gun
  • A knife is a terrible weapon for an honorable man (listen before you object)
  • You do not know if you are really capable of pulling the trigger, until you have to
  • You can’t discount the long term effects of winning in a lethal conflict
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