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Monday, May 3, 2010

Protect Your Survival Supplies–Some Basic Common Sense Tips

You know it’s important to protect your valuables. So it is with your survival supplies. You’ve put a lot of careful thought and planning into purchasing the kits, supplies and storage food for when it’s really needed, and you don’t want to be the target of thieves. Let your neighbor’s house be more inviting to the bad guys. First of all, be discerning. Be like the squirrel who hides nuts out of sight. Don’t keep your emergency supplies out in the open.
Put yourself in the shoes of someone ready to loot your place in the aftermath of a disaster. Do you want to keep those boxes of camping supplies and storage food in the garage? How about moving or camouflaging them.
Keep your survival supplies in different locations around the house. Why should they be visible to repairmen, babysitters, kids’ friends, or anyone else?
Put security measures into place. You might think about getting a dog, if you don’t already have one. Do you have motion lights in strategic places? If you can’t afford a home alarm system, at least put up an alarm sign. It may make a thief think twice.
If you’re feeling good about the prepping you’ve done, keep it to yourself. Sure, there are times when we’d like to encourage family and friends to be ready and do what we’re doing, but be careful who you talk to about this. Don’t tell everything you’ve done or disclose all you’ve set aside. You may be tipping off somebody to the fact that your home is a treasure trove.
There’s probably much more that could be said here, but the bottom line is to practice common sense. Think survival.
If you’ve got other suggestions, or take issue with something here, please leave a comment.

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