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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Episode-426- Developing Survival Knowledge While Camping

My view on survival planning is that running out into the forest to hide if the shit hits the fan is generally a very bad move, well in most situations.  Today though we are going to look at camping in another light.  When you camp you deal with out a lot of the conveniences we tend to take for granted, families communicate better (sometimes by force) and opportunities for leaning and contingency plan development present themselves.
Join Me Today as we Discuss…
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  • Camping to learn about survival vs. survival camping
  • Don’t go spend a lot of money right away
  • The basics
    • Good tents
    • Padding, air mattresses or cots
    • Lighting
    • Food - including some “healthy junk foods”
    • Insect repellent
    • A way to cook
    • First aid kit
    • Storage bins
  • Start out close to home with full amenities
  • Focus on self reliance with shelter, food, water
  • Get away from the crowds even in crowded areas
  • Move on to more remote camping once you have a system in place
  • Purchase animal, insect, plant, bird, etc field guides and use them
  • Make fishing part of your camping experiences
  • Require children to deal with discomfort within reason
  • Take time to work on skill development (crafts, navigation, etc)
  • Use the time for bonding, it may be part of family survival some day
  • The golden rule, have fun and learn
Additional Resources for Today’s Show
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