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Friday, May 7, 2010

INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Watch that bleach!

Did you know that bleach has a shelf life of only sixteen months?  In fact, it begins losing its’ effectiveness after about half that time.
bleach 300x187 INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP:  Watch that bleach!image by Pierre LaScott
 If you’re storing bleach as a water purifier, be sure to rotate it.  When you get a new bottle, write the expiration date on the outside of the bottle.  If you don’t see an expiration date, use the purchase date.  We don’t usually think of expiration dates with the non-edibles in our storage, but with bleach, it’s a must!
Oh, and don’t store a bleach bottle on its’ side.  I have white stains on my tan carpet to prove that’s not a good idea!
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