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Sunday, June 27, 2010

3 Things You Can Do That Cost Nothing

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So much in preparedness costs money be it saving, storing food, whatever. It is great to say you can do all this stuff by changing your lifestyle and to some degree that is true. However seeing as most people are not willing to significantly adjust their lifestyles it is not an accurate statement. Buying more or less what you already consume and some more stuff on top of that takes more money. Money is probably the biggest single limiting factor in most peoples preparedness efforts.

I got to thinking about stuff we can do that costs nothing. Two things came to mind immediately and I sorta tossed a third in.

The first thing is physical fitness. Yeah it probably helps to have a decent pair of running shoes and access to gym equipment is good also. However for lots of people who have no physical fitness plan and are in horrible shape though just doing some brisk walking, body weight exercises and a few pull ups goes a long way.  I think physical fitness is definitely the most ignored and under rated effort in preparedness. Along those lines showing a bit of self control in terms of what and how much you eat is essential.

Next is taking care of your chompers. At least brush your teeth and floss regularly. That is just too easy. Dental visits cost money (or insurance usually costs money) so it doesn't fit the bill of this but probably are a good idea also. Brushing and flossing regularly goes a long way. Also avoid excessive amounts of sugary stuff which will help get you in better shape anyway.

The last thing is to keep some cash on hand. I got to thinking if this really fits my "no cost" parameter. I believe it does because everybody over 18 or so should have at least a few hundred bucks sitting around. If you honestly do not have a few hundred bucks sitting around I urge you to strongly reconsider your lifestyle and get your stuff together. Take part of those few hundred dollars every adult should have and keep it at home. It is the same $300 or whatever but just in the form of mixed bills at your house instead of the bank. With today's insanely low interest rates there is little incentive to not have some cash at home.

So get yourself in shape, take care of your teeth and keep some cash at home. Too easy.

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