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Monday, June 28, 2010

Prepping - Being Prepared for Change

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Most “preppers” enjoy a relatively common lifestyle. They also enjoy many of the same technological advances as do many of their neighbors. They also have comparatively nice homes with many of the same amenities that people have a tendency to take for granted. The majority are not “doom and gloomers” or “hard-core” survivalists. They are simply people that realize things can and sometimes do change and not always for the better. So what is the real difference between a “prepper” and their neighbor?
It is the self-assurance that they can still get by if a family member becomes unemployed because they have put back an emergency cash fund for the here and now versus the long-term savings plan many have but can’t access until retirement without a penalty.
It is the self-assurance that they can treat an injured family member using their first aid or CPR skills. They know that when a crisis happens you may only have seconds to respond to a medical emergency and that it can make a difference in what could be a life or death situation.
It is the self-assurance that they won’t be stumbling around in the dark, eating a cold meal, or shivering in a cold room if there is a power outage. They realize that power can be interrupted during a disaster or a storm and plan accordingly. They don’t intend to wait days or weeks until the utility companies are able to respond.
It is the self-assurance that they won’t have to wait for the government or someone else to step in and help. They plan on taking care of themselves. They know the value of being personally responsible for themselves and their families.
Preppers are ordinary people who plan just slightly ahead of the curve in the road that lies ahead. They realize there are things that can happen that you won’t see coming. A little extra measure of preparedness and planning is necessary if you plan on being prepared for a change in your normal lifestyle during a crisis or a disaster.

Staying above the water line!

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