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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nothing to do With Saving Money… EMP Answers

Solar Panels
This is a quickie post but we have had this question on the yahoo group and I thought the answer was important enough that I wanted to make sure everyone saw is.
Question One: Can a surge protector protect equipment against an EMP attack. The answer is no. An EMP attack happens in three waves which are miliseconds apart. The first destroys the most fragile of electronic components but will not penetrate a surge protector. The second travels through the protector because the first has damaged it leaving a pathway for the pulse to get past and into your equipment. The third wave travels along wiring and destroys anything that has a power cord and also  utility lines.Remember all of this happens within less than a second so there is no time to take precautions once an attack begins. Surge protectors should always be used on expensive or sensitive electronic equipment as it does protect against power surges, brownouts and other common power problems which could damage your appliance.
Question two: Will solar panels, the panel itself withstand an EMP attack. My answer, no one seems to know. Bob made this comment on the yahoo group: I sent an e-mail to Home Power Magazine, they did respond, said they had no idea, that it would  be necessary to contact  the panel manufacture–  I was disappointed by their answer, as I have long regarded this magazine as the go to source for independent power system questions.
I too made many inquiries and read all I could find and the answer is clear as mud. I asked the head of our local power company he did not answer either. I could not find anyone with any degree of authority who could tell me the answer. Apparently there are several types of panels and they would be affected differently. All the other parts of the system would be destroyed. Everyone is in agreement on that. I will continue to ask and if I get a more clear picture I will let you know.
There are just  too many who would like this discussion to go away and they really don’t want to answer. Some honestly do not know enough about EMPs to answer. Anyway for now that is what I know…
Catch more of the discussion with me on EMPs tonight on the Dr. Prepper show. Call in and say hi.
show time…7:00pm  Central, 5:00pm Pacific and so forth……..

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