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Saturday, June 5, 2010

INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: The most necessary skills

blacksmith INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: The most necessary skillsimage by Lincolnian
Every once in a while, I’ll read about preppers gearing up for a 19th century lifestyle.  They’re learning blacksmithing skills and how to tan cow hides.  I think those skills are fascinating, but I have one question.  What good are they if you can’t patch a hole in the drywall of your home or hang a ceiling fan?  I’m all in favor of re-learning the skills of our great-great-grandparents and think that spinning wool into thread and weaving your own cloth is nifty, but how about learning some tailoring skills using a sewing machine?  My point is that the first skills we should learn start around the house, taking care of things that need to be taken care of today.
Right now, think about every possible task in and around your home that you would need to hire someone to take care of.  There’s your list of skills to learn!  If your garden is looking pretty pathetic, take a master gardening class.  If you’ve been worried about the health of a loved one, now would be a good time to take a basic first aid or CPR class.  Become a jack of all trades around your home, and then branch out into the skills that came in handy a hundred or more years ago.
Yes, an EMP event could turn our world backward by hundreds of years, but in the meantime, learn how to patch a hole in the carpet and sew up a rip in your car’s upholstery!  Those are the types of skills in demand now and, most likely, into the future.
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