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Sunday, April 3, 2011

To Be More Self-Sufficient and Frugal Learn To Cook Like They Did In the Great Depression

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Recently I was poking around the internet for some good recipes that would be good in a survival situation or any situation in which you have to make due with a limited amount of food.
This search lead me to a youtube channel called Depression Cooking in which Clara, a 94 year old woman from Chicago prepares recipes from the great depression that her mother made.
The video that I happened to come across first was for Depression Breakfast which I have included below.
Clara, also has her own website called Great Depression Cooking with Clara where you can find out more about her and even purchase her DVD.

My grandparents lived through the great depression and I learned quite a lot from them, but they are no longer around.  I think that what Clara is doing is great, and we can learn a lot from people like her.
I plan on trying some of her recipes, I hope you will too.

1 comment:

  1. I remember my mother making cookies like this and she had the same type coffee maker. I was born toward the end of the depression, and now I'm going back to those old ways. I hope to teach my grandchildren some of those ways.