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Monday, June 6, 2011


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Marigolds are one of the most fun ways to add color and pest control to your garden. Planting with broccoli and cabbage crops reduces the white flies.

Marigolds require approximately 45 to 50 days to flower after seeding,

therefore seeding indoors should be done in late March or early April. The

plants should be ready for planting outdoors after the danger of frost has

passed, about May 15.

  1. Seed may be planted in seedbeds, coldframes, flats, clay pots, or peat pots.
  2. Pulverize the soil. Place the seed on the surface or in furrows and cover

    with 1/4 inch of perlite or vermiculite.
  3. Keep the soil moist and warm. The seed will germinate within a few days.
  4. When true leaves appear, the individual plants may be transplanted into

    individual 3-inch containers. Shade for a few days until the plants become

  5. Give the plants full sun.
  6. Plants will be ready to plant in the garden after the danger of frost has

    passed. Marigolds may be seeded directly into the garden after the danger of

    frost has passed. Follow the directions above as to preparing soil and seed

    depth. Seedlings may be thinned if necessary.
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