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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Modern Day Survivalist

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Being a ‘survivalist’ these days, does not necessarily or automatically conjure up visions of Rambo trekking through the wilderness with shoulders slung with automatic weapons and belts laden with bullets all the while surviving by eating bugs and edible wild plants…
Instead, there has been a noticeable movement of ordinary folks whose eyes have opened and are seeing for the first time the bigger picture of ‘the system’ which is designed to keep them slaves to the masters who control the money and the world itself.

To become a modern survivalist, it’s really pretty darn easy, and sensible. By my own definition, I would dare say that the majority of people just a handful of decades ago would be considered modern-day survivalists by today’s standards. Does this mean that to be a survivalist or prepper, or preparedness minded, that we have to live like they did – way back when?
No, of course not. Being a modern day survivalist, we can continue to work within the same system that is trying to make us slaves, but instead we simply outsmart it. It’s really quite easy to do actually. Want to know how?

All you have to do is rid yourself of all debt. Period. End of story. I’m sure that most of you reading this have debt in one form or another. That’s not meant to be a dig on you, it’s just a reality that has been subconsciously forced upon most people by various calculated means. Debt is the life blood of the system. It needs debt to even exist. If you can find a way to rid your debt, you will be stunned by the liberation that you will feel in your gut. Without debt, you are entirely in control of your destiny.
To be a modern day survivalist, you don’t need to have a bug-out location, or a survival retreat, or an arsenal of weapons, or a years worth of food storage, or…
Although these things are insurance towards survival under certain conditions, the primary path to survivalism is not to be beholden to anyone else (no debt), and, you need the ability to adapt.

The way to get out of debt is pretty straight forward. It involves will power, and cannot be done unless you really want it. It will require sacrifice, time, and lifestyle change, but the end result will be orders of magnitude better than the sacrifice you will suffer.
The ability to adapt however, is a different story. This is more of an ability to execute actions based around common sensibility, open mindedness, and strategic planning. To survive, you need the ability to adapt. It’s that simple.
Some people think that all you need is money and supplies. This is true up to a point. Once the supplies are gone though, unless you have the ability to adapt, you will be ‘done’. The ability to adapt is a mindset and general skill that is learned over time. It’s not as hard as you think…
Most people are programmed to think a certain way. People are taught to accept a particular way of doing things and to not question the rationale. Those who question are often chastised. This becomes so ingrained in your psyche that you fail to realize that there is more than one way to get from point A to point B, so-to-speak.
Keeping a ‘healthy skepticism’ is a very good thing. Don’t automatically believe or trust what you are told. Use your own sense! The rule-of-thumb is, if something is true or right, it ‘usually’ will ring true. In other words, trust your gut – it’s usually right. The older you get and the more life experience you have, the more often your gut is absolutely ‘right’.

Well, you get the idea. It’s food for thought. Open your eyes, and look around you. Dig a little deeper into the ‘why’ things are happening. ‘Follow the money’. Don’t automatically believe that the main-stream is giving you the story in context. Think. Know what it is that is important to you. Consider what it is that really makes you happy. Motivate yourself. Imagine what it will be like when you’re out of debt. Picture yourself in control of your own life with those that you love, doing what is important. It’s about life. Not things. It is the exact opposite of what ‘the system’ is trying to convince you. You may not know it or believe it now, but one day, you certainly will. Let’s hope that it’s not too late.

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