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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What if TSHTF was about to happen?

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What if you just found out “it” was about to happen? Lets say – you have 24 hours notice. I know this is solely a fantasy here – but work with me.
Maybe it will be a sudden discovery of an asteroid to impact the Earth tomorrow. Possibly – a terrorist organization announces that 12 cities throughout this country will have nuclear bombs detonate at noon tomorrow. Maybe there is a pandemic that has started in one area and you know it is spreading to yours.
What would you do?
I have been thinking about this lately and thought it was a good thought provoking “Question” that can be asked to promote action. My first thought when considering that TSHF will happen tomorrow – is to improve on some of my preps.

  1. First off – if communication was still an option – I would contact family and friends and assist in providing them some direction.
  2. Depending upon the general public’s panicked reaction – I would probably concentrate on topping off all my vehicles’ gas tanks.
  3. Any obvious flaws in my supplies would be targeted to sure up.
  4. Next – I would buy whatever food and water I could get a hold of.
  5. Next – if I had any prescriptions that were due and the situation would allow – I would get them filled.
  6. Have a couple of empty propane tanks – I would make sure they get filled up.
  7. Batteries are another supply that you just cannot have too much of.
  8. Bath tubs and all available containers would be filled with water for future use.
The order in which these are done really would be dependent on what the nature of the “SHTF” event is.
Thinking about this kind of topic can be thought provoking…..meaning, you may realize that there is something that you need to get now – rather then when it is too later. My thought process playing this scenario game revealed to me I need more water preps. I need more containers which to store and transport water in. So – I will be working on that.
Now – how about thinking about the first 24 hours after a grid down SHTF scenario.
Well – that will be another post.

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1 comment:

  1. Draw the curtains, make sure the water jugs are full, and sit tight. Depending on the scenario, I might consider locating some plywood to go over the windows.

    If you're not already prepared, you're going to spend that 24 hours in store line-ups and traffic!