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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Audio Podcast: Episode-685- Dr. Eric Wilke on Survival Medicine

podcast_subscribeImage by derrickkwa via Flickr

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Dr. Eric Wilke,  is  a residency trained emergency medicine physician in practice for 12+ years.  He also direct the local fire department and the tactical medics for the SWAT team in his area. He has traveled to Africa to deliver medical care in austere environments and with very limited resources.  Today he joins us to discuss some common diseases with potential to kill and how they can be recognized and treated. Join us today as we discuss… The top global killers world wide Prevention of illness in harsh conditions Making water safe to drink Improving hydration Treatment of bacterial and viral infections How to properly store medications Military research into the storage life of medications Thoughts on the current nuclear issues in Japan Common sense alternative medicine Ways to maintain your current health Building a first aid emergency medicine kit Additional Resources for Today’s Show TSP Gear Shop Join Our Forum Ready Made Resources – (sponsor of the day) Bulk Ammo – (sponsor of the day) Members Support Brigade Win a Free AR-7 Survival Rifle from Ready Made Resources Survival Medicine on Tumblr Survival Medicine on YouTube Survival Medicine on Facebook Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your [...]

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  1. Type II diabetes is genetic. You may not know you have it for 30-40 years. For most people the first time they discover they have it is when they symptoms become bad enough that a doctor tests them for it. It is a natural conclusion that many people jump to that it is your diet/lifestyle that "causes" diabetes. After all your diet can treat diabetes so why wouldn't it cause it, right?? But it does not. You don't "catch" diabetes from sugar or over eating. You get diabetes from your parents. If you don't have diabetes then eating sweets or gaining wieght will not give it to you. Jamie Oliver is siomply a well meaning dunce who's particular bias is food. He believe in magic food, i.e. that "good" food will make you live forever (or at least a long time) and bad food will make you catch diabetes or something. Of course it isn't true. Our life expectancy keeps increasing every year and yet we continue to eat "bad" food. Go figure!
    One last point. the number of people with diabetes is not and has not increased. The medical community is putting forth an effort to identify people with diabetes early so they can benefit from treatment. Consequently we are seeing more people with diabetes then before. That does NOT mean there is more diabetes!!