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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Useful resource mapping

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A warning about supplies.

Do ensure that when you approach sources of supplies that they are not already under someone else’s control, do not take unnecessary risks its better to go elsewhere or try again another day.

Avoid confrontation and unnecessary contact until things get as normal as possible, be prepared to barter for supplies. Don’t assume no one is left to claim legal ownership of what ever you find.

Identify and keep records of any useful resources that may be useful to your group post collapse, along with 6 figure grid references. Its often prudent and beneficial to at least have a look at the target via Google Earth, a picture is often worth a thousand words.

Some materials like coal or building materials can frequently be left in place and they are unlikely to come to any harm, unless of course such materials are going to be in short supply.

Highways agency Solar and Wind power generators used to power remote traffic information signs. Suppliers of portable generators, micro wind turbines and PV array suppliers.

Bolt together security fencing, often found around schools and small industrial estates.

Recoverable sources of Firewood, Coal & Coke, Peat, Heating and fuel oil, Bottled Gas (butane and propane). Check coal yards, railway sidings, gas bottled refilling centers etc.

Suppliers of wood and multi fuel stoves.

Petroleum Products, Petrol, Diesel, Avgas, Paraffin (Kerosene), Hypoid, Lubricants etc

(Most petroleum products will need treating with preservatives) Petrol stations, refineries, transport depots etc

Suppliers of Building Materials, Lumber, Bricks, Cement, and Aggregates etc. builders yards, DIY centers, quarries, building sites etc

Water Supplies, Tanks, ponds, reservoirs, streams, wells (including capped ones) artesian and aquifer sources.

Water filtration and purification equipment and stockists.

Identify locations of fast flowing or fast falling water that could be used to turn generators, mills, etc.

Food stores, supermarkets, distribution centers, regional warehouses, bulk buy outlets, grain stores, farm equipment and grain suppliers etc.

Free range herds of cattle, sheep, chickens, deer etc

Rabbit farms, Rabbit warrens, Fish farms, angling clubs, Small scale special breeds farms ( Alpacas, miniature pigs etc).

Allotments, Smallholdings and Orchards.

Off road and agricultural vehicle suppliers.

Camping and Out door equipment stores and suppliers, Military clothing and equipment suppliers. Cobblers, outdoor footwear manufacturers and suppliers.

Chemists, pharmacies and medical equipment suppliers

Tool stores, engineering suppliers, plant hire agencies, sports shops, gun shops, gun smiths, boat yards, marinas, ships chandlers preserved railways etc

Property and Real Estate

Remote or isolated housing that is conducive to self reliance, IE has things like large established vegetable gardens, functioning large chimneys and fire places, ultra insulated, double/ triple glazed, multi-fuel heating / cooking facilities, has a well or other clean (gravity fed) water supply, solar panels, wind turbines, methane digesters, local supplies of fuel, defendable, etc other facilities like outdoor residential centers, outward bound centers, alternative technology centers, camping hostels, retreats etc are worth considering.

Check out footpaths, bridle ways, navigable water ways, canals, rail lines, broadcasting masts, radio masts, wind farms, etc for both salvageable supplies and suitable bug out or safe transport routes.

Please remember that in survival INFORMATION is not only power, but a lifesaver as well.

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