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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Keep your Go Tube ready to go!

Original Article

OscarDelta Go Tube with wall mount attached.
OscarDelta has released a wall mount dock along with their new Go Tubes, allowing you to store the Go Tube securely and ready to move. The wall mount is a no-nonsense plastic bracket that fits the 20mm diameter Go Tubes perfectly. It holds the Go Tube tightly enough for vertical or inverted placement, and needs only a single screw to be secured. The wall mount is made from sturdy plastic and should hold up to use well.
A standalone of the wall mount.

The wall mount is affordable, too - you can add two to your order for a measly £1.

Install the wall mount in an out of the way place and add a Go Tube stuffed with supplies. Attached to a closet wall or ceiling, backside of a dresser, underside of a desk or some other out of the way nook, the wall mount allows you to have your bug out tube ready to go at a moment's notice.

The wall mount is available on OscarDelta's Buy Now page, in the drop down box for Go Tubes. Check it out right here

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